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ESRL Mauna Loa PPM Spreadsheet & Future Outcomes: 2040 - 2300 AD

PPM Chart: 400 to 2400 ppm's.

1958 - 2300 for Climate Studies

The Results are in,
all the way to 2300.
My Findings and The Future Outcomes, 2040 - 2300 AD:
begins in the last section of this blog.
Last updated May 12, 2019

The Links

google drive:

The Database

The data is supplied by ESRL Noaa.

The Methodology

I went with 2 versions, for the estimated outcome
A prior 3 year, and a prior 10 yr.

Where the years, and averages collected, from 1958 - 2019,
are gathered from breaks of the Maximum highs.
This normalized data of averages, is then used as a stagnant constant,
based upon the results from the prior 3 yrs and the prior 10 yrs.

My year 2100 PPM Results:

Well, they are higher than some have predicted.
Many have been listing 600 ppm,
where, my 3yr. is 664, and my 10yr is 684 by 2100.

Updating: Epoch and Temperature Data

The sheet can simply be updated on the main page, to edit the data, if need be.
1.) In the second chart section of the main page,
Edit only the Green and Lilac Boxes on the Right Side.
the results are sent into the First section.
2.) The third chart section is just for code.

Adding New PPM Data

When new PPM data arrives, for the monthly average given by ESRL Mauna Loa.
The sheet can simply be updated on the 3yr page and the 10 yr page:
1.) From Column E,
go down the column to the current year, (2019, hiding previous data rows is also supported.) to the pink section of predicted future estimates.
2.) There are formulas listed in the estimated months cell.
Delete the formula and enter the new exact PPM number for that month.
3.) That's it, the edit is finished and the sheet might need a reload.

To the Epoch's

The Epoch's are matched up to the future's estimated ppm numbers.
Regardless of their time frame,
Therefore, I converged all Epoch's that share's the same PPM numbers,
rather than played a host only to one age, such as Miocene.
ie. Pliocene Miocene Oligocene Permian at 411
All share the same PPM's, so they are included as relevant to the predicted future estimate.

To the Epoch's: Temperatures

I also converged the average Temperatures of those particular Epochs,
that share the same PPM's.
That result is currently a bit higher, than our normal Global Temperature Average.
Although, it indicates that those sharp temperature peaks can happen at anytime.


Included are lows and high from each Epoch,
from those, I determined this normalized data of averages,
is best used as a stagnant constant, 'increaser',
based upon the results from the prior 3 yrs and the prior 10 yrs.
The normalized data of 'averages', is then used as the stagnant constant,
based upon the results from the prior 3 yrs and the prior 10 yrs.
When each year new data is added,
the prior 3 or 10 yrs will update,
to include the fresh data.

My Findings and The Future Outcomes: Years 2040 to 2300 AD

In our lacksadaisical lifestyle of getting though another day,
and calling it as one's life well-lived.
Nature is going to say..."Go To Hell"
No really! we have Polar Ice Cap Melt-Offs by 2040. When no ice sheets will be hosting themselves any longer on our North or South Poles. The current ice melts increase with each year, due to methane release, anaerobic activity, algae blooms, reduced salinity, volcanic activity, ozone depletion, etc.
The hidden 100 volcanoes underneath Antarctica's ice sheets will blossom and glow again, creating further land masses, where before there was only an ocean.
Will snow exist any longer?
As the water climbs into the luxury accommodations
that taint nearly ever shoreline on this planet,
Nature again says, "Go To Hell".
As Vast flat-lands filled with housing,
from the SF Bay area, to the Florida Keys,
flood higher and higher.
The people will outrage,
and those people will fall away from their delusion that they're in control of their lives.
Insanity will live reckless within their brains as
each breath taken from the excesses of methane, nitrous oxide and helium,
devour their once sane and logical processes, into "a fit for themselves".
The world economies will be devoured by homelessness, from the "shore people",
and as the rivers fatten and collide, the "river people",
will also live to consume and confront, just as their brethren shore people.
Sweet California will swoon deeper into the Pacific Ocean.
Many Islands
will be lost and submerge under the waves.
Only High coastal cliffs, after the mudslides, and their cliff-dwellers will be safe from the water's take.
As the rivers widen, and new lakes and channels form,
pressure will be put upon interior land masses and old
Super-volcanoes from America's center,
from Yellowstone to New Mexico's Valles Caldera, will listen and tempt to erupt again.
Continental plates will shift at a faster rate
due to the increase in temperatures
causing more earthquakes and volcanic activity.
Like the song, "Islands in the Stream",
our world will become that Water World,
and the precious continental land will become large Islands.
Meanwhile, the shore people scrounge to get by,
building shanty anything, away from the water.
Meanwhile, the others will be living to breath "Cleaner Air",
away from the chance of being within a Co2 ppm Doldrum.
Those Doldrums will be also known as Cancer Clouds,
air pockets that arrive with the wind,
that hang around and do not filter out the toxins as they once did.
Those sticky elements they carry,
will be similar to a sulfuric gas station hovering over our heads.
As the Temperatures rise
and the stores try to continue to supply,
The staple foods themselves, will further lose their once known nutrients.
Potatoes and Wheat, will only continue a person's life, rather than offer the enhancement of evolution, brain power and longevity.
Where the Legumes will heartily survive.
and Pinto Bean World will become the new inland agriculture.
It becomes so hot, and the Solar Radiation Levels rise so high,
that many garden-variety plants do not survive.
As they were induced into reproduction during the cold ages of The Pleistocene and Holocene.
Instead they will be replaced by the determined others,
plants that can withstand heavy droughts, and heavy storms.
Roses and other flowers will continue to flourish, as they did in the Jurassic ages.
Swamp-lands will tease may shorelines once again
and the mangroves will move inland, sponsored by their new wetlands and estuaries.
In the fight over Desertification or a Swamp!
The equator belt will widen its heady temperate climate zone,
sending herd animals to graze and reproduce on the north and south poles,
and the shrunken land mass of each continent,
will play host to more insects, like Houston's summertime.
Trilobites and relatives thereof, will evolve and grace the seas and shores again,
as they swim with their armies.
Heady air from the shore-line,
will drift by as an impossible balmy sweaty heat.
Frogs and Birds, for a 100 yrs time, will be continue to be prolific due to the new wetlands.
The Deserts themselves, will receive more rainfall,
and the deserts edges, will be taken over by humid climates.
In a hundred years:
The major cause of death to humans, will be skin cancer,
and blindness will be much more common,
Ignorance will not go away,
as daily activities such as learning and going to school
will lose; to people being too tired, due to the heat, air levels, or other weather calamity.
For a short while, the capitalists run to buy
"climate watches", which will detect Co2 ppm's and other atmospheric levels.
As the international economies of together-ship collapse
due to the increased indigence of the people,
the shipping channels will return to Nature once again.
As they rush to make advanced combustion or other sort of engines, that can handle the constant rise in global temperatures.
The workers from the airports will quit,
because the airport tarmacs will become too hot as work place.
The people of each "island continent",
will readily return to creating and making their own products for locals.
In finality, Tourism itself will be dead.
The humans will shy to their small agrarian garden-steads.
Even after all the cars are electric,
The Nature that has been prodded by man, doesn't give up.
And Nature still says, "Go To Hell".
As volcanic eruptions increase from 70 to 100 per year by 2040.
Only 10,000 years into the future, can the Co2 damages from 1850-2019, finally dissipate.
However, way before those 10,000 yrs, the majority of the human race has died out:
Due to shorter lifespans, from Co2 and other atmospheric increases, cancer, and unstable economies.
Leaving only a relative few, who can afford to live in filtered air chambers.
As the heat again rises, into extremes, and winter wimps away,
on the last days of glaciers existing:
The people eventually burrow themselves; into the ground,
just as our predecessor ground mammals, learned to survive,
an onslaught of the climate changes, during their historical epochs.
And to those still living,
the religions that once were,
will remain in their minds as history,
A history that the people of 0-2019,
were tricked by its asylum of rituals and stories,
tricked so immensely,
that the people destroyed the beautiful earth,
from where they once stood, and wasted it into drowning waters.