Thursday, April 11, 2019

Queen of France

Amazon's Favoritism Policy is Defrauding Innocent Sellers

Amazon's Policy towards the Buyers
"The Customer is Always Right",
sends thieves to the Sellers

The New ATM from Amazon!

An easy money-making journey for thieves, has been found online,
available through
Thieves just buy an item; then Rob the Seller by getting a refund; then they make a "Robber's Resale" for cash.

The Set-up

They Buy a book, Say they didn't order that type.
Then keep it.
They file an A-Z Claim, stating "They didn't get a refund, from the Seller".
Amazon proudly agrees with Buyer, and in a demanding email tone,
tells the Seller to pay a refund, or else.
For the thief, it's as easy as pie!
For me it's not, it's very confusing,
being robbed by Amazon and its Customer.
I trusted this major company
was going to be fair and equitable, to the Buyers and the Sellers.
20$ book ---------------> it sold and went to the buyer
-----------------------------> $20 Book is with the buyer
20$ paid to the seller ---- (from the buyer)
-----------------------------> $20 book is still with the buyer
A-Z demanded refund------> $20 returns to the buyer
-----------------------------> Buyer also has the Book, worth $20.00
The Seller has $0, No Book or Money.
The Seller was Robbed: a book value of $20
and the Seller receives a Derogatory Report, to hinder future sales.
Total Loss to the Seller = $20.00
Total Gain* to the Buyer Thief = $20.00
*after the purchase cost was refunded.
The Thief NEVER returned the book.
The thief kept the book,
to sell it, or have someone else sell it, for $20.00 or more.
Within 3-5 months,
After the book is again sold, $20 dollars, arrives in the thieves bank account.

The Most Hurtful Thief, is From Princeton University

His name is Jeff Bezos, he's in charge of Amazon, and this is his Policy.
Else he has given policy rights to other people, and has sold out from the decisions.
All-in all it appears to be the fault of Bezos, as his sponsored Policy,
a policy that not only allows thefts to occur to one Seller, but to all Amazon Sellers.

The After-Effects

Creation of Thieves, A World of Thieves, A Chance of becoming a Thief
looks to be sponsored by Amazon
Innocent Sellers, are pushed further into Poverty,
as their items are stolen, and they have to give-up selling.
Mega-Conglomerates, accept the thieves, building it further into their fees & costs.
They are able to remain as Sellers, and yes,
they will sell right along with the new "Robber Sellers" themselves.

Remaining Occupations?

Work in either a Factory, a Mega Store, or be a Thief.

or a Field worker

The Innocent, cringe away, and work in the fields.