Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Queen of France

"The Army Against" : Failed Relationships Truth & Lies

When an army of people is against one person:

There are normally reasons to hate, and sometimes rewards are given to the haters.

Onto the reasons:
--------Truth and Lies
Reasons can be wimpy truths elaborated upon
and reasons can be complete and total lies.
Reasons from pure truths, are a difficult proof,
as they most likely "hearsay" and not a witnessed event by the hater.

If the reason was witnessed by the hater,
they often change the story, to suit their side,
where their additive of including extra drama, is added into the story.
Where the reasoned story builds into even further embellishments.

Often reasons they hate could be stemmed from lies,
from another's manipulation tactics,
where the follower to those persons,
goes along with anything the manipulator says,
whether or not it is justified or proven.

My question next is;
why are the followers of "any" supposed reason given,
so eager to follow a manipulator?

Are they under his or her spell? As if in a trance like a Moonie,
where full dedicated worship and devotion goes only to that manipulator.

The crude call away from the followers being in a zombie trance
as "Yes men or Yes women",
is that the reason lies in the hope of a monetary compensation,
to be received somewhere along the way.

It could be that when the attacker causes harm to the innocent person,
he or she will be released from debts or briberies,
as a surety in insurance for themselves.

If the reason held against the person,
is not for "monetary" nor as a "zombie follower",
then the person delivering hatred has other alterior motives.

Motives that are personal, can become extremely dangerous for the victim.

They could use, "God" or their version of a God stereotype,
as their reason to be against another.
My God, does not allow "such and such",
therefore you are condemned under the eyes of "My Lord".
"and I am fully justified to do his bidding."

Attack motives could lead to be serial,
where not only you are the victim,
but also others who fit your profile.

Many held motives can bring hatred to a level, that is beyond compassion,
to a level that is capable of murder or the major cause of suicide,
to the person they are against.

If they want the person to be suicidal or commit suicide.
Then the grudge held is so great,
that they deem their significance as a human being imbued with hatreds, as higher,
and more just than laws or any other ethical standards.

Other things to look for,
is how easy the personal hatred types can be manipulated by others,
others who may have insurance contracts held on the sole person of innocence.

Their reason could also be hidden under political,
in that case, it could be that the "opponent" goes too far:
as to want the person impoverished,
surrounded by lies against creating even more hatred attackers.

When bullying begins towards one person on a political level,
there is an even larger group that will rally with them,
and be on their side.

In some cases as high as 50% of the population,
known as being supposedly "with them".
Therefore with political reasons, they are fully protected in their hatred against.