Friday, May 11, 2018

Queen of France

Vegetable Garden Art: The Potato Monster Dog "Susie" Returns

The Potato Monster Dog Lives On!

Truth or Fiction!

In the beginning, I didn't hesitate and named the new potato specie;
as a potato-caterpillar.
Then, as time winced in the heated sunlight, a new Potato "Dog" has shown itself, growing into much more than I previously thought possible.
The potato dog is just snoozing in the garden, like Old English Sheepdogs do.

The Potato-Dog is just like my old English; named Susie.

Leaves fromping around in her devil-may-care attitude,
as leafy curls and shoots.
Never say they are gone forever,
they return to you in the most mysterious ways.
This time, she is an Organic Potato Dog, and why not?
With each passing day, another potato puppy seems to arrive.
as the Little Golden Yukon's push their way to the surface.
Latterly, I am obliged to put them into a recipe right away,
or lose their respect as a chosen delectable.