Monday, May 7, 2018

Queen of France

Halt Pesticides: A letter to The Government

A hint of my Springtime Garden
with Organic: Carrots and Chard

My recent email sent to
Rep. Beto O'Rourke US Representative (TX16)

Unfortunately blogs aren't always in real time, therefore, the above link --- may be an old vote, by the time the web-crawler has the data available as a search-able link.
So, please use this letter or portion thereof; for future bills regarding the halt of pesticides.
Not sure you are reading this, however:
It is paramount in this decade that the afore drawn assumptions by big industry; from the past one hundred years be modified; in order to economize our persistent impact as human beings:
The notion that the world will re-heal from toxic chemical damage and pollutants with the billions of us present on its soils, has to be replaced.
Replaced with the correct and decent choices for a continued existence without further chances of: retarded children, cancers and hemaphrodites.
The consumptive chemical generations of the past 100 yrs of agricultural development, have been advertised through Big Industries commercial window via the television set.
Advertised to be infused with pesticide-laden; fruits and vegetables, grains, etc.
Advertised to chemically spray their homes and carpets, etc.
An advertisement that has damaged our healthy topsoils,
a major player in our natural ecosystem,
a damage that has even reduced our available pollinators.
The only cure back to health; is to go organic, just as our pilgrim ancestors were.
Then people will live longer life-times, rather than being reduced by ingesting non-natural or arsenic-related chemical products.
1.) One answer to planting without pesticides, lies in companion planting, which includes certain types of flowers, increasing our pollinators population.
2.) Reduce agri-farm sizes, where at least 3 vegetables are raised in one soil arena.
3.) Add certain peppers, such as cayenne, surrounding the plants edges.
The instant cure:
Go vegan and be Organic, thereby cutting down on the animal production industry.

"The lazy spread the chemicals for their days delight,
while their children fail to remember, the day from the night."

Therese Vaux de la Fontaine