Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Queen of France

Deceptive Diversions

On that farm, with no working vehicles, bikes or help from authorities.
She was attacked several times by arrogant, malicious and deceptive people.
All the while, the farmstead itself, was plundered,
as they lumbered all the long-lived trees.

Calling attention only to her name.
She was their diversion.
They yelled at authorities of her non-distinguished circumstances of poverty.
They called lawyers to sue her.
They turned as many persons as possible against her,
training them to be filled, with hateful diatribes;
"She didn't pay her rent!"
All the while, they lumbered the long-lived trees.
They were Known as, "The good-paying citizens who bought a lawyer",
They were Known as, "The rich, who cosied-in as property owners",
as they lumbered the long-lived trees.
What notice of a forest gone,
"She didn't pay her rent!"
The house crumbled from neglect,
and they continued to lumber the long-lived trees.
Poor little dear, She would never pay that rent!