Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Queen of France

Creed of Eco Warriors & The Tree Keeping Fund


Helping Identify to The Annilators of our Planet:

This Creed is brought to you by Therese Vaux de la Fontaine:

Who Eco Warrriors Are:

Persons who vow: to not enable any person(s) to log or maime a tree,
whether for personal gain, group opinion* or monetary reasons.
Women who choose Ecologically minded men only.
Persons who reject the policy of forest thinning.
Typically called maintenance by loggers, logging companies, residential persons, firemen or firewomen, public or private schools, golf courses, road construction staff & workers, and other so-called forest workers.
Persons who stand for the rights of renewal and sustainability of Planet Earth,
& its species of flora and fauna, to last beyond their lifetime.
Persons who stand for the rights of renewal and sustainability of Planet Earth,
& its species of flora and fauna, to last beyond their lifetime.

Identifying the Evil Enemy:

They are Persons who take or order persons of manual labor jobs, to decimate our natural forests and wild areas.
They are Persons who go with self or group opinion, over and/or before any qualified group of esteemed scholars have made their determinations.

Qualified Personnel Are:

A Professional Group of at least 5 (4 yr of study or more) college post graduates or graduates : of Botany, Biology, Life Sciences, Wildlife botanists & Climatolgy
or 3 decreed professors of botanicals and/or wildlife studies.
These Collegiate persons, must be from at least 3 different Colleges or Universities.
When No Professional Collegiate Group is available:
Qualified Persons are any persons who ask or demand the stop of any: logging, thinning, mining or other resource driven commercial enterprises.

The Tree Keeping Fund:

The yearly wages for this Collegiate group of professionals, is paid by the Tree Keeping Taxation Fund, a fund paid by all tax-paying citizens. Which includes their decisional work on Private and Public grounds.
The Collegiate group of professors are paid regardless if a tree is felled or not.
Each one of these professional college graduates of Tree ID Botany workers, also has a work record of before and after images, of any trees that were keep or felled by their vote.
Their record of tree keeping or destruction will be available for the public to view (online).
Post Doctorate Professors who are paid from this publicly paid "Tree Keeping Fund", have the duty of reviewing many current tree-identifyers each year, & verifying if they are still qualified.
The Tree Keeping Fund does not pay any further costs, only the decisional costs, supplied by the Collegiate Tree Identifier Group.
If the Professional Tree Identifier Group has deemed a tree to be destroyed:
The actual tree pruning or felling costs are incurred by:
The persons who ordered the tree destroyed pays for the actual pruning or cutting work; whether on Private or Public Grounds