Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Queen of France

Genealogy Excerpts: King Lines of Europe Database

Catherine De Vaux was Incorrect!

Genealogy - Neville Line to the Kings of England
As time tiptoes by, Henry Neville and Catherine Vaux were not parents of George Neville through to the Berkeley line
I had all kinds of data for Catherine de Vaux, and Isabela Vaux, maybe it is still useful to the Vaux's, her line is in my database to the far left and far right.
The dates just did not correlate, with the Catherine Vaux line. This past year and a year ago major new updates occurred. I have had to boot out several long time holds, even the Piggotts.
This time I included, a couple of "genealogy database link's" to the dastardly occasion, where names meet and fall... just prior a Kingdom of England found. also correlates with the updated data.
Ralph-de-Neville-1st-Earl-of-Westmorland and Joan Beaufort of Westmorland, where Joan's Grandfather Edward was the King of England.
Edward Neville, 3rd Baron of Bergavennyand Elizabeth Beauchamps
George Neville, 4th and de jure 2nd Baron Bergavennyand Margaret Fenne
Elizabeth Berkeley (de Neville)and husband, Sir Thomas Berkeley, Knight of Beverstone Castle
Genealogy has even been a war at times, to my commitment, of being a Queen.
The reckles of naysayers, to my commitments and endurances, that play their journey only upon a name in sequence. Well, today I have won again, and remain "a named descendant" to the course they perturb in being.
Sad, I do not have an army at my side, at the moment, to wear them thin of hair at living with named objectives as their only offer.