Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Queen of France

EU Castle Collective Budget

The Budget

As the falls of income surmount;
the spendings upon their whereabouts and direction must be noted:
The Ghost Tax and Shares
As previously stated, the income derises from the 25% matched tax from the EU and also share purchases from the Collectives Facet named participants.
Tax deferred
The Collective itself does not gain forth quickly, when taxes bevey down our direction.
Perhaps leaders of banking will help us out, and we can substantiate a sound savings-to-usage model, in a non ferverant country of the EU, such as Switzerland, Luxembourg or Lichtenstein. With Internal country spends, for stones, etc. also paid through the external country with the simpler non-tax jurisdiction.
In France, the rules have been: that during "the build" stage, the event was classed as non-taxable. Which may look good at first, however, it does not include a viable pension for its participants with a shares program.
Therefore, the answer is to store our nest eggs for this incredibly arduous task, appropriately.

Advertising at Schools

To build our organization with a young and active learned class.
Especially with summer-work recruits. That means; advertising in Colleges and Universities.
Department locations being where they are most interested with their studies. Such as, with the French and English studies departments, as well as the History and Arts departments. The advertising costs should be minimal either online through their college websites or on-campus newspaper alternatives.
Other Advertising
Oddly student participation often speaks to it's parents.
So, I wouldn't even bother advertising elsewhere past the colleges themselves.
If tensions worry our participation ranks, well, then Genealogy database websites, would be a second advertising option.

Ruin and Castle Supply Costs

From Stones to Authentic wooden lintels, doors and drawbridges. This sector of spending will be only for the building supplies themselves. Which in the event, donors who want to give an extra financial incentive, even from The EU itself, in order to finish a towns particular castle, well they can then, direct their monies to the building supply costs only.
On-site Costs
With the start of a ruins stone builds commencing in the Spring,
April- May - June - July - August - September - October.
Will be for stone raising, and the Winters will finish each Chateaus design touches.
On-site Builder Habitation
From tepees, yourts (yurts) with winter stoves. Mobile campers, if hidden from the rest of us. As they spoil our decent adventure of historical return.
Other on-site costs
Water supplies and electricity sources, kitchens and bathroom facilities.
In many cases, the latter, called electricity will be problematic, due to cliffs and other difficult terrain locations.
Large cranes are expensive, and very modern. The old way was scaffolding, and dirt-mounted building sides to the wall raises (that was removed later), although cranes will be used from time to time.
In extremely dangerous rooftop situations. In some cases, the authentic castle will not be able to be built as an exact replica, due to the rareness of skilled rooftop laborers. Therefore, in certain situations, simpler designs will fashion this castle building era.
Facet Workers
As our Facet holder workers are profit-share participants, they do not ever receive a direct salary.
Their salary is from their own with-drawls taken from their current share portfolio, held with the EU Collective Castle Shares Fund.
So, what may appear as nominal at first with just free room and board, later becomes a yearly profit flow.
And that profit flow depends on how much has been withdrawn or put into the account, throughout each facet holders lifetime.
Non-facet Laborers
As our Facet holder workers do not receive a direct salary, only from the EU Collective Castle share increases.
The salary output is minimized substantially.
Non-facet named workers, that are a necessary inclusion to complete a Chateau ie, will be paid a salary, as normal.
Tough ending for some of you, who prefer a salary right now.
Just a "Live and Work" habitation environment, with less luxuries, as a Crofter was in Scotland, is really who the majority of us will be.
With monies slowly building, after each Summers entertainment profits and Winter's "Snowy Dream Parties" for the Rich.
Facet Worker profit flow, being individual, depending upon, how much each worker has withdrawn or put into their account, throughout their lifetime.