Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Queen of France

Taxation to Banks & Writs of Deeds & Insurance

As the 0% mortgage value of up to 10,000 per yr
is already allowanced as a give to the people,
the in-addition loans from Banks are classed as a luxury item,
an item that endures the possibles of applied interest rates
from money lenders.

It is not recommended for most people to pursue a loan or mortgage,
over the 200000, allowanced over 20 yrs,
as the income has to come from other sources,
such as a dependable business income, or directly from their savings accounts.

400,000 maximum property value over 20 yrs, per couple,
or 600,000 maximum for a husband & 2 wives,
is more than plenty for most real estate areas of the world.

Title & Writ Deeds of Own

For the Purchaser:
When a person is using part of their yearly wage toward a real estate property,
the deeds and title of ownership papers remain with the kingdom's offices.

After the property has been paid in full;
The the original "writ of own" deed,
respective with personable details of names & amount(s) paid by each,
are stored with the kingdom.
If proof of property owned is required,
for a mortgage or loan in addition to their yearly allowance,
from a banking business entity,

Online version:
the loaned-to person,  from our kingdom,

orders for 50 Vas (or other kingdom currency, such as euros),
a "certified copy of ownership; view page."
to be available for the specific loan company.
The loaned-to person receives a link, to give or email to the bank,
where the certified copy view web page is available.

Offline version
the loaned-to person,  from our kingdom,
orders for 50 Vas (or other kingdom currency, such as euros),
a "certified copy of ownership; view page."
to be available for the specific loan company.
The Bank requiring the document,
is sent the certified copy for records.

However as times change, so does the actual writ of deed,
so any copies kept as business records will expire over time,
and be invalid documents of proof elsewhere.

Once a purchase has finally completed,
we can permit crimped & certified copies of nominal information,
of 1 page only to the buyer. However the certified copies are not to be used as legal instruments, only as a keepsake momento.
The certified keepsake copy is 50 Vas,  (or other kingdom currency, such as euros), as we are committed to environmentalism.

For the Banks & old style Title offices:
Any deeds of ownership held by banking institutions on current mortgages
are released from their dictates of ties and bounds & delivered to the kingdom,
when a property is sold.

From there, titles & registrations duties of its pertaining
values & commitments mentioned are stored with & by the Kingdom.

Limits on Banking institutions interest rates are as follows:
Interest Rates Allow to Banking Institutions, Brokerage Firms & Money Lenders:
If operating as a business that garners profits from interest rate premiums,
ie. A financing money lender office, a bank subsidiary, bank conglomerate or as a brokerage firm:
  •     Interest Rates on loans by a banking institution for a real estate property are limited to 10 % maximum. This applies to any property that as been already sold into our Kingdom for re-purchase, & declared as worthy of its valuation through our Kingdoms "writ of deeds" offices.
  •     Interest Rates on other loans by a banking institution such as for cars, trips, & other assets, are limited to 20% maximum.
A Banks Yearly Taxation:
To these Banking Institutions, the following business income tax rates also apply:
25% on any & all income from business profits,

Profits that are over and above any of the original cost to the real property values, normally stated as interest rates, mortgage insurance collection profit & other types loan profits.

The Business Income Taxation to Banking Institutions of 25%,
on each years profits,
applies to all property that has not yet been formerly sold through our Kingdom.
Meaning, a Bank with an income profit of 300,000,000 from interest rate collections, (ie.),  then the 25% applies to all of the 300,000,000. Otherwise the Banks would be practicing as money collectors,
illegitimately without a governance.

Private Banking Insurances Opportunity:
This is a feature for the Banks to discover,
If profits of held amounts from previous years by a Bank are limited,
where loaning is risky, then...
the insurer company would rally those failed amounts back to the bank,
and raise or lower their fees,
depending upon the banks value to profit savings.

Keeping a Current Bank as Valuable:
Savings values from their customers can apply, as a value toward profits,
though limited to 45% of allowable loan value.,
whereas, previous governments have been extremely risky operating at 90 % available from their customers savings accounts for loans & mortgages,
In this way 55% of their customers savings is kept without risk from loans or mortgage excesses.
The bank can still offer with safety, interest profits to customers that keep savings with their banking institution.

As we are not the FDIC or any institution that offers a compensation for a failed loan or savings, the risk amount to a customer who meanders into a mortgage through a bank could still occur.
However, at the 55% in demand of a bank's holdings kept & not loaned,
the risk is far less.
Although when only, our real estate allowance (up to 10,000) is used.
The risk is diminished to that only of an insurance predicament.

Insurances of Properties:
Insurance of properties, sold through our Kingdom is not always assumed as necessary, rather in fault finding:
If faults by person or persons are found to be the causants of fire,
or other, the penalty will often be that of reduced pre-paid wages,
rather than a call to an insurance claim company.

However, with Acts of Nature,
Insurance as, "where or when did it start, & how did it happen?"
Acts of nature are the most despicable, at times in this regard,
because there is no person to garnish wages from,
therefore losses are losses.

& those losses have the possibility of assumed help
from an external insurer away from the Kingdom's property offices,
though, the external insurer is not demanded as a have-to, to the persons often called property owner, merely an extra inclusion of fees if the property customer prefers.

If and/or/when acts of nature do become too severe,
we will have a mild restructuring of the Kingdom's budget,
to help allow for any inordinate repairs over & beyond
the capacity of the populations dilemna.
Though, in most circumstances,
a few acts of nature here or there...
such as lightning strikes, or heavy rains to only a few sporadic houses,
then the olde style of an external insurer,
via an their insurance claim companies
could be used as a property holders helper.

The Kingdom of France Bank:
I believe a Post Bank Style,
will be required as a quicker set-up for persons who prefer to use the Kingdoms Bank, backed by all the property aquisitions held & the Kingdom's asset itself, as it is not my intention to cause or create a business collapse for the financial markets banking sector.
Savings held within the Bank;
will also include an interest value, that is non-taxed.