Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Queen of France

Card Info: Savings & External Banking & "Trip &Tell"

Implementing certain restrictions to the pre-paid cards,
they do not need to occur right away as the amounts are minimal*,
though over time, we may prefer to take this blog into advice:
 *estimated 200,000 over 20 yrs.

The pre-paid wage is not to be given into a bank entity as a savings.

As the cards are digital,
the feature of refusal to other banks, has to be implemented,
unless it is deposited directly into the Kingdom of France's account
with the external bank.

if a bank receives the card at their counter to be deposited into;
savings or personal checking, money market or brokerage accounts,
The yearly amounted card will be declined,
unless its the Kingdom of France account.

For Business transactions through other banks:
However, it is a want to make use of these cards available
for use for business funding with these other popular banks.
For that to happen the bank needs to support
a special Kingdom of France account
as an external bank transaction,
where a business id code can be included
& an id code from which person, transacting the amount.
With these safeguards in place,
the 20,000 is safely kept from entertaining
money funneling practices elsewhere.

Otherwise, normal deposit usage into a business,
is via the cards through certain affiliated offices,
that are branches of the Kingdoms Bank.
For deposit only to businesses held within the Kings Register.

Normally with day-to-day shopping within the Kingdom,
the values from cards are spent with shops & stores
that hold their banking deposits with the Kingdom of France Bank.
"Accepted here", within the borders of the kingdom really means,
a business registered with the kingdom.
Therefore each business within the kingdom,
has a bank account to receive these deposits & payments.

Honorary members of the kingdom living outside of the kingdom,
will also have the same limits, only allowed to deposit into the Kingdoms of Frances Bank account.

If during the transition phase,
the decline from a deposit into external savings & personal checking accounts, cannot be completed right away, it is not the end of the world,
as the 20,000 each yr. over 20 years is only 400,000 per person.

Though...most likely after food & housing is spent upon,
only 200,000 maximum would be the amount sent into
an external banks savings.

We just do not want to be other bank feed suppliers,
that ruins our purposes quickly, so much so,
that we need to increase banking income taxes into 45% to the bank itself.
Causing excessively overcharged fees to the people,
from that bank to compensate.

Nor does the Kingdom want to forgoe
the remaining amounts at each yrs end,
that goes back into the balance as a deposit.

Travelling or Living outside of the Kingdom:
Preference to currency:
If a store or shop or country, only goes with kronas,
A travellers check version as a digital card,
can be issued before for a persons journey or trip,
through one of our affiliate kingdom offices.
Where the affiliate office charges the amount from the Kingdoms card,
for 3000, in example, & issues a small card for 3000, for the journey.

To receive money from the card at an external bank
during a trip or journey or work furlough that can be implemented,
though perhaps, a watch list needs to be going on for these persons,
so as not to assume illegality, rather,
we know which person is actively doing this money release transaction,
away from the kingdoms boundries.
& too many money release transactions,
without discussion of purposes
with our funding department of allowances,
will put that person out of our kingdom,
meaning kicked out of the kingdom and not allowed to return,
nor ever collect again his or her yearly pre-paid wage.

Trip & Tell
So, a "Trip & Tell" feature, linked to its listed database,
needs to be set-up, online, for each account holder,
& random checks will go on the verify the Trip & Tell person
was legitimately truthful, with their need for transactions.
A phone hotline also,
for the persons with these cards that escape the kingdom into spends elsewhere.
A phone number to call & include variations of changes that may have gone on with their journey, that may disturb the cards workable activity, when no internet access into their normal account is available.
Implementing an online chat conference from time to time.