Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Queen of France

Sex Worker Updates

The business idea, of charging through an online dating services, more specifically, if you are courting or not. "Not" being the truth of what many dates are anyway, for most people. Just attaching money to the occasion.
Adding the sex workers listing to rencontre* - meetic*.
*dating websites where the workers, select their favorites.

1. The normals
2. The normals* with sex worker inclusion
3. The sex workers

Publicly shown;
1. The normals remain the same,
looking for courtship-type of dates.

2. The normals* with sex worker inclusion,
are publicly stated in their listing,
that they also choose to visit sex workers.
therefore are non-anonymous.

The normals* history of that decision stays with the username,
as they are or once were... a "john" or "johna",
this helps avoid the immatures, as the persons listing is honest.

(their paid-to information is kept secret, only on the private pages.)

Normals* info.) Details of the normal* persons info...
such as their normal career, and other careers they have chosen,
and if they are ecological minded. and not a chainsaw artist.,
all a very much appreciated group of information...
for the sex-workers deciding on their participants.

Presumptively refunds may have to be given.
refunds cannot be declared by the normals*.
refunds can only be declared by the sex-workers,
due to weather, no-show-ups, refusals, etc.,
A trust voting system coincides with each worker.,
as they have to maintain their point system also.
and a lower point ranking by the normals* due to non-refunding,
will hurt their rankings.

Privately shown;
3. The sex workers decide on which normals* are their participants,
(a listing of all the sex workers is not shown to every normal*.)

When the sex worker(s) choose a normal*;
  • An agreement decision link appears on the normals* private page, 
  • Access to a personal calendar.  a calendar only between the worker and that particular normal. The calendar shows icons or bright colors of the days, selected by the sex worker, as the available options, for that normal*. and then booking order and purchase happens from there.

Sex worker pages;
1.1  Personal private page of their normals* which they have chosen.
including a calendar, of the paid bookings, that also includes the possible booking dates. (icon links to the normals* info).

1.2 An option to opt out of 1.3,
    as some sex workers will want to be anonymous to other workers.

1.3 A group of pages that lists only the sex workers, only available privately to the sex workers, so they can view each others information,
photos, prices, hobbies, escorts,
showing to each other;  including the info they show to their normals*,
to formate their group collective organization experience.
Payment confirmation;
Then there is a confirmation, by the worker via a date calendar,
with paid confirmations,

The sex worker and person of the event,
receive a code. if the codes match,
then the event was paid-for in advance.

A bank pay-into system,
with the confirmation being easy, such as...
"gems of goliath",
in a non-printed out statement
that is only given once out.
to each date event.

Bank account;
***Sex workers... shared bank account thats pre-paid into,
thats filtered and divied out later, to each worker.

Private rankings;

Including rankings for the payers:
votable only by the sex workers, of the ""
and only available for the other sex workers to view.

After every 3-5 purchased occurances
the rankings of the normals are updated,

that way the last one visited,
isnt pinned as the ruiner to a persons sex ego.

Other inuendos of necessary inclusives;
In certain circumstances, as a safety precaution,
prices indicated also include a protectors fee.
the protector is normally a male,
and always a non-relative.
Prices noted by the sex workers,
will vary due to the protector persons, (aka pimps) fee,
which is between them to decide.

50/50 seems a bit of a scam
on the workers behalf, so, wary of that dude.

I better watch out, as typing the word pimp
is kinking me out, its been an - ago,
on the since, to even think in this direction.

Thats too mis-understandable to quantify as sex or no sex,
the definition of escort; used on the sites...
going out, to a restaurant,  tickets to somewhere.

Formality of language.
No word derogatories, on the date-to-websites.
The old cast stone of an anything give-to approach
has degraded the process of the human species
regarding respecting persons...
into disturbing sexual habits,
and those vilisms often begin
with typing and speaking. 

I also expect any of that type of in-house occurance
to be ranked lower or remove users from
the find-a-date-at-a-website priviledges,
if the person uses the words
as a lesserism quantatative against the worker,
and the worker is creeped-out,
they need to rank that person out.

If the sex worker person is darked into it?
with anyone... without any judgementals of person,
then that worker is overdone,
and rotten seeds out the entire process
into a bitch whore allowable by anyone fest.
*There are circumstances of allow with those usages,
but not with everyone,
its the odd no-get-it - strangos,
that devalue the sex workers
and bring abusives into the process.
Health Substansias.
I assume that is somewhere on paperwork
in the Netherlands, and other EU countries,
already figured out years ago,
so. I will not rewrite those obvious rules.

Per person limits;
To avoid pressures from others
to overgain monies from one or several workers specifically,

Try to adhere to daily limits of only
one to three *events per person allowed to be scheduled.

Per day or night, (increments thereabouts of 24 hours).

*if it is a group date, then only one group date per 24 hours.
to avoid excessiveologies.

As the idea incentive creator,
I receive a 1% of the banks thru-puts in euros.
(one percent, with 10% of that 1 % income,
going towards the non-profit fund,
 "womans help with housing".)

*see the chart below for details.,
but if there are bank processing fees,
then the amount deducted from
each participants income total,
is no more than .5 %, 
before the allotments are divied out to participants. 
therefore, a 100 price is a 98.5 collection.

[if there are protector persons also to pay,
they will receive their % monies separately,
into their personal account.

in the event fraud occurs and the protector person takes
the workers money on the side also,
then that worker can ask for the hidden move system.
where that supposed protector person
does not know of their whereabouts
and cannot easily find them.]

Programmers and The find a date websites income,
Their income is from the monthly or yearly service to list fees only.
25 per month as an average.
or up to 175 per yr. as a reduced payment, of 5 free months.

Programming fee payouts are paid through the find-a-date companies
and the programmers income is allocated
via the service fee income revenue received by those companies.

*** Including in the programming,
a brief video, per sex worker, of [1-5 minutes.],
such as ... zayvras video example
with the clothes on.
or up to 3 photos, as not everyone videos very well.

Details of participation earnings: