Saturday, June 8, 2013

Queen of France

Poetry: Consolidae Forever into "Separae"

Consolidae and its "forever separae"

Reasoning's forest
in the after-land falling into its fronds,

Running into worries of the long duree
twined with headies quiet,
escaping sky's heavily clouded speedway.

Escapia, into a capture,
when she's so young from all the rest?

Chained-in to this puffy palace?
Time to disquiet this partied fest.
But she's under captivations spell,
love's pull, still slows her into his capture!

High flying balloon fortunae,
Escapia finds escapes higher in other ways.
Did she fall from the love's sky?

The grub of love, still loves it's dis-acquaint,
Not the eat's of fresh new tarted treats,
a present wrapped and ready, he's in-love with her.
Anniverseries, planned heavily into the "gold" of futures keep,

Balloon escapia fortunae,
discovered escapes the clouds higher, into further and far away.
High, a vast distance from create,
tired of his grounding, of life's old 50 yr contemplate.

Balloon Rapidia Escapia Fortunae,
she raced away from his easy re-song,
his clouds were too close
and his clouds were too tight.

Perched on his cloud, he still waits,
then suddenly, escapia falls down to earth,
in the look for repairs,
no longer a high flying ballon from the skies from there.

To the death, to the end-keep with you?
His dreams vanish, only the clouds to hold him high.
He could color-on again, and seek to brighten another,
or return like her, uncharmed and spent,
back to the cold of another dawn,
Tufted forest of fronds again.

Shamanista balloons trying to enlighten day?
play in lighter shallows.
Shame on you, filling rainbows with doubt,
Rainbows ruin bringing too many gold aquaintances out.
It's "forever into separae."

Ballons, grounded forever, into separae.
Consolidations of play,
Escapia says, "forever into separae.
I'll never really leave you then, not in that way. we will be forever into separae".