Saturday, June 8, 2013

Queen of France

Poetry: Arizona

Emptying into time-spans' other,
places lived unfound,
why the leaps away, compendium
thoughts chasing after me,

the love pull is trying to get me.

a few drips on the draw
with the aggressions of law

Indulgers quest deeper to
gossip spire entrapment fears in me.

Drop the pull and runaway.
it gets heavy when I overstay.

Days of invite,
why did you move around so much?
someone near, replies in place.

I get to keep the pull,
no ''lay off', or 'get out of my space'
hears on the real.

Arizona, implosion loud.
the 'someones after me'
rewakes to them again.

Thoughts direct without a querie,
it was a gun from a distant snipe plank.

Hours before unconscious at my door
fooled into water games
drowned into nessies quiet,
to feel now it should have been more.
it was safer there. an accepted new,
I was happy then, for a few.

Hello life, onboard. slow to greet out.
finding  controversial all over again,
why couldnt it be another when.

Smile, its all right, hours later,
remeets warnings tight.

Who is after me.
I dont like it there,
lucky dances elsewhere
another escape to see.

Interrogation chrono lives on,
out out out of there.
deserts in unluck found there.

Dry space so shallow,
sent under again
for a wishing few.

Lake on return rushes in,
God I love you, lake waters,
in that remember when.
the 'it's over' place.
it wasn't a bad place
it wasn't crowded,
soloist that day, in the real,
friends forever, lake waters I find there.
death they call it, in a feared-on fashion,
what to wear, became the place there.

Get out of that "there",
they have planes away to spare.
glimpse'in in,
ocean temps to love me in,
...only an extra, nothing special
another onboard, not a fascinae,
not a kept place I hearten in, 
remember when, back then,
lake waters found again
kept place I hearten in
under under as nessie
that under is peace again.
runnin shallows to the end.

The others sure are light,
to my darked day felt as night.

He is extending my ego
the want in the possibles
with him, are still living on.

Aggrevations redawn,
how to quib those,
the egos quibbin' out,

I thought the deal was done,
I found a new one, no drapsin' on, the end,
found a new love to be in,
waters rewake from the hits iItake. 

Shes a death-love seeker,
doesn't hurt, there,
in that then,
the then back there, 
dissapointed wake, 
not to be as 'nessians fate, 
waking to the not's again,
before tangled hair reminisces
its inheritance date.

He's not here,
another rewake, his jilt on,
wearin a fresh jilt on.

They continue with the strum,
go for that one,
the lakeboat man?
Seemed to know of that underground, also.
perhaps he's a sated player
to incaptivate quitations,

Breath exists into overturned plaisae.
hurry, remember your name.
why dont you fuck off, I secretly say.

"You all' are jumpy,
death talk that way.
Death,  runs in and spikes you out.
run away, run away, go shop
and pretend to play.

Near death, as death livin-in,
kinda blitzes out for a while

Gotta a new lover,
grim actin' as 'nessie, 
love with the always-on phone,
I can call there anytime
and rehome.

I dunno,
sometimes I feel silly writing poems.