Royaume de France: 148 Kings from the Era of Henry IV of England

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Queen of France

148 Kings from the Era of Henry IV of England

Kyrenia Castle, King James I of Cyprus
Genealogy update:
from Henry IV of England; 1500 to around 1000 A.D.

My chartwork Kingdom info was obtained from, via Gedcom.


Discoveries via the public Gedcom; (prior I gathered all my kingdoms via online weblinks only)

Well, I found many surname (genetic) links to the actual Kingdoms.
Cousin Info:
A few families inner-married as cousins, most likely as was the fashion to retain more of their royal bloodlines. So, instead of only a few possible surnames leading to the kings. There are some of my cousins ancestors sharing kingdoms also, like a diamond pattern, where the last generation (me), is at the bottom of the diamond, and the top is the king.
There are even further line shares to be found, as the gedcom database is not completely finished.
**My genetic link data number is slightly skewed though, over the long term, as I also added the multiple crowns shared number, per Monarch.
My added-in 500 number to my sheet, is slightly confusing, as there are only 8 original surnames allowed per king generation, (from great grandparents) over any time period.
In example Henry IV has a double crown, whereas King Edward III holds 10+ crowns...(where my Thomas line ie., holds 4 different surname lines to that crown, and the Thomas lines are independent of any of the other major surnames, (from approx. 8 major surname lines.), times 5 generations of kings = 50 genetic holds over a selected 300-400 years.)
Therefore, all-in-all,
It appears I have become somewhat domesticated through the years from the fallout of Kingdoms from Europe.

Other important notables;
My Fontaine side, leads to the same time-frame of Kings, and shares many of the same kingdoms also. All of my Fontaine crowns are shared with the Williams crowns.
So at this point...
My mother "Mary Queen of England & France"; still wins in "The most crowns in Europe game",
vs my father....
Most of my Kingdoms hold multiple crowns, (through my grandparents), except the Denmark line.
**In the spreadsheet; I included a count of these genetically held crowns, as well as approx. number of Kings.