Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Queen of France

Stopping The War Machine

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.
As each day passes, there is the chance to reflect, make a change, or ignore.
Those that ignore are effectually pushing the wheel of the war machine & allowing it to continue.
The war machine itself; in this day and age of 2020, is simply each and every factory that already creates munitions and planes.
Whereas the other factories, setup to look as a fruitful economy for shoppers;
are also part of the plan of warfare; containing buildings and sets of machines therein ready to be flipped into the "War Effort".
The Industrialists who own the warfare-making factories, all around the world; buy and sell to countries on the premise of fear. Fear of attack by others, leading to the "have-to" purchase of war products. Those buyers parading in advertie that they've brought security to their country.
On this day I am still Cold War exhausted, even after it officially stopped decades ago. However, the recent rise within China by 19 major corporations, from Steel companies to Renewable Power to Construction Banks'; to adopt Communism as their way forward has become too much to be believed.
A new rise from the "Satin" of the past. These large companies are making fear of the cold war prevalent again. Where that fear; will only ready the need, for further purchases of war equipment.
In this way, the people lose, as they pay-out each paycheck towards paying for the new fear..."of a cold war on the rise". They lose, as governments prove that this fear allows for no other alternatives, aside from war-item purchasing.
The only direction the Industrialists keep honing towards is further warfare & the ongoing wargames conducted during times without an "official war". These Industrialist buyers are running the Governments of the world.

The People Cannot Lead Their Future

The people have proven for decades that they cannot vote these, "International Warfare Games" away. The people are just defenseless voices against their Governments.
The people have not been able to say, "No more" and actually have that happen. The people are merely talking into the wind.
Stating demands; "No more purchases from these 19 companies that are teasing us with a return to Cold War Communism"; does not make it happen. Even loud groups of people and their voices wanting to oust Trump from his Industrialist Reign; does not make it happen.

The Providers of the War Machine

In the look for answers, you have to look at the providers of the War Machine.
The first providers are the people,
citizens have allowed for the Industrialist's to grow into the extents of World Dominion, simply due to their excessive shopping habits. The people have proven they do not only want to shop for food and decent housing, but they have proven they want to shop for decadence. Making the "rebuy something new, again"; personality, which is is nearly everyone's next door neighbor. The addage of "Keeping up with the Jone's" has suited the Industrialist to a tee. Bringing them untold wealth and power. Power that writes the direction of the people; putting us into a world where votes really do not matter, when the almighty fear of war, is lurking on the agenda.
Each one of our angers independently or on mass means has amounted to nothing in the end. All of our wishes & wants have become fool-hardy efforts, only known as lost conversations where nothing was ever accomplished, bringing the people into the truth that they've no participation towards their Government. Small participations might exist, to assuage, but they are small and change from political party to political party. So, the boat of a future towards Utopia, is essentially sunk.

The Rise of Utopia?

The rise can happen, we are looking at 2 major principals of need & want for the people.
Sustainance; including Food & Accomodation; easily provided for whether by self sufficiency or other.
Education; easily provided for with the advent of either the Internet and/or books for learning.
I'm not bringing the pre-paid wage into these principals, as in reality, it's not really a necessity, rather a form of a decent economic structure which can be afforded to all the people, along the way towards a true Utopia. A true Utopia should not require money to exist.

The Starvation Answer

Now, that the Industrial Complex is in charge of our future like a leech we cannot remove, the only way to kill the leech is to starve it out.
By starving out the Industrial complex, we have to starve out their income, "obviously". Their incomes arise from each and every shopping journey; that's above and beyond a person's needs. (Trump's Gain as an Industrialist, started with a shopping journey to his Casino and Hotel.)
The only answer is to eliminate our wants of further decadence.
Where existing decadent items, already filling the majority of our homes,
are to be further known as... "The final purchase's from the Industrialists."
In this way, we bring "Armageddon" to them. & Yes, they melt away, into the crowds of obscurity, too powerless and too penniless to continue their wrath of ownership over the people.
So... when I say,"Stop Shopping & Close Down their Factories", I really mean it. It's the only way for us to grab hold of our direction again; by removing the blood-sucking leech of a War Machine, that's been obscuring our Future.