Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Queen of France

Amazing Grace from the Dead

Amazing Grace from the Dead

Today, as morbid has entered into the game of earning an income...
I speak not of a mortuary normal,
but of the mortuary of books on this dear internet of books gathered.
A salvage gain from each near-homeless person to garner a wage.
Gathered from "Death Houses", houses that still ramble, rattle & speak, the voices of the dead.
Young men and women of unfortunate circumstances, pushed into the estates for "look-see" and maybe a free book to claim.
Hurry, young Americans and ruin yourselves further into this economy called the Online USA.
Hurry and sweep the dust & cobweb's away, and "work to" remove those books from their clenched skeletal hands. Hurry, before the Thrift Store Trucks rumble near & swoon-in.

The Vampires

The Vampires in our midst, are the online book stores one-and-all.
Amazon as the keeper with the greatest call.
A call of fortune made quickly from the dead.
Where greed in acquiring has been their mechanism.
As the smell of death dissipates & more cobweb's are rifted through,
gains are further paid into Amazon & the thrift store's portions.
As the main price-maker of this internet has another toast,
"to propelling poverty further on", knowing full well when each seller dies, they will get even more than most.
Each seller's coffin will be filled & readily piled sky-high with books,
& this "New" Grinch doesn't even have to haul them away,
No, he has the pawns & peons, of the desperate poor,
pry books from sojourning seller's, that are discovered as dead.
What economy is this? One where "Unethical" is the biggest allow.
An economy where "New" can be sold fraudulently; as a 20-yr old book.
An economy where the seller cannot choose a higher selling price. Prices are blocked & higher prices are forbidden.
An economy where the chance of buying a used book to resell a book, means it cannot even be listed for sale. "The Amazon Price Alert Blocker", says so.
An economy where Canada was allowed to dis-embark 1/2 of it's trees, for the chance of being tossed-out, sponsored by the de-valuation by "Amazon's" thrift-store allow; where the pittance of .50 cents is their new "cash cow".
An economy that excites in only possibly buying a .50 cent book, and even that beleaguered price is too costly for most.
An economy that indentures servant China into being a constant shipping channel to forever destroy our natural world.
All the follower stores did it also; proving they could cheapen and destroy the book market down into the dust.
Is there a laugh here? As my garage empties out online; without any chance of a replace, and each one of us; can only look forward, to being... "the new forced minimal", with only the stars above to trust.
What a ruin to Florence and her Nightingale, as Amazon opens it's eyes each night, "What bounty, did I today so freely acquire? How many coffins in take, do I have more on this day; tell me the titles... so, that I may trend them away."
Only the dead can rattle thier chains out loud; This online economic poor cannot dare to utter a word against the vampires anymore.
What a glorious business model; "Blood-Thirsty Vampire's",
to each and every little seller that tries.
Let the prices fly and stop fleecing our lives!
& get your nose out of my coffin of books, besides.