Sunday, September 6, 2020

Queen of France

The Gaul: As the Bloodshed from their "Action" Continues

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Getting Listy

Brave Heart AMAZON.COM ; I have a "TOP TEN" for YOU.
Sept. 6th: The Personal Residences are still on show for many sellers.
The Effects from this 1 wave of only a set of computer commands; "To Release the Sellers Residential ID for PUBLIC VIEW and GATHERING"
1) Public View to Anyone: Even Prisoners in Prison.
2) Supporting that Webcrawlers can quickly and easily obtain our Residential ID along with the Products held therein.
3) NON-Ecological Warfare Against our Planet, pushing PO BOX usage, thereby increasing Pollution.
4) PO BOX usage, drives up local & federal taxations further to all citizens, as we will have to pay for new POST OFFICES to be buiIt for the current tally of: over 3.5 million active sellers within the US; with 3000 New Sellers Per Day, this 2020.
5) Driving up city taxation for street and roadworks, due to the excessive “daily” road use.
6) Driving up our Home Insurance Policies, due to the increased risk of Theft.
7) Driving up Policing costs within our neighborhoods as we are on view, for any robbery gangs to monopolize upon.
8) Driving up car insurance & car repair costs for each seller who chooses to use a PO BOX.
9) As Paranoia for each Seller increases, Gun Ownership will also increase, meaning Amazon.con is supporting Gun Ownership, in lieu of fair and equitable business practices.
10) Increasing Medical Cost from the stress of "living without privacy"; given to sellers across the US and the world.

Forced Containment of

Enough said, Amazon is proving by this action to be an abuser; An Abuser not only it’s sellers; but to the citizens of the USA, and the Planet we live upon.
What a Business Monster: That has to be Contained, Controlled and Brought into the light of our current directive; "SAVE OUR PLANET from EXCESSIVE RESOURCE USAGE".
Where are the Fines Right Now! Today, being issued at by Governments around the World?


Just play sleep until your dead "citizens of the world". Why care 1 iota more, aside from your own gather of materialism, why bother to care.
Hateful HUMANS, that deserve a COVID virus to wipe them out; off the face of this Earth!