Thursday, May 31, 2018

Queen of France

Stop All Animal Experimentation

sad monkey

A letter to Animal Experimenters:

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Stop these careers altogether. They are not honorable as they inflict harm to innocent animals.
Persons who seek these vocations are not healthy human beings. They are persons who see themselves as the ultimate construct and prefer to view the planet and its inhabitants as their dominion.
Persons who experiment on animals are as heinous as serial killers.
Persons who work in the professions of animal experimentation are people who deserve nothing less than the full instatements from the judiciary courts, and prosecuted as criminals of this planet Earth.
People who raise animals; and then harm them, are no less than evil.
Did you hear me, "People who raise animals; and then harm them, are no less than evil."
As each animal is harmed by these experimenters, a hell is being unleashed to each of the scientists. A hell they cannot run from, as they know they are assasinators of good and that they are evil human beings.
Shut down every animal experiment office and clinic in the entire world. Only then can these so-called scientists begin to rectify their deeds as assailants to innocence.
Investigate no animal further, and set them free.

This is a War, against all Animal Experimentation and it's Scientists.

As the civil war; was for freedom of African Americans, to stop the evils of incarcerations.
This is also a freedom war; a war to stop the evils of incarceration for all animals, that are experimented upon or raised for experiments in the name of Science.

A War with full prosecutions,
With Non-Kind Regards,

Therese Vaux de la Fontaine

P.S.: Obviously, Stop all Animal Testing!