Monday, September 19, 2016

Queen of France

EU Castle Collective Shares

The Facet Shares

The shares are defined within the images below. Shares from student-workers, over the summer up to 5 star accommodations, share participation.
The facets surnames defined, are specific to the names of Europe's Castles, getting back to the original heritage owners.

Travel Costs

Travel costs are not included, however with a group as large as this, chances are quite high we can also run a small private airline company, specifically for our EU Castle Collective Citizens. International flights from the United States to Nantes, in example, or to other smaller International airports, and eventually around the EU.
Reason being, aside from creating a different experience for our EU Facet Collective, there will be enough shareholders, as workers and tourists that will warrant the obligation of air transportation services. also.

The "Who" can be a Shareholder?

This question is answered in the image below, yet, I know it plagues some of you, with immediance of answer. and well if you qualify as a decent enough human being and have a French last name, that contains a Facet. or if your blood-lined ancestor had the French Facet last name,
Then you can join the Castle Collective. This EU Collective is not limited to Royals only, or blood-lined surname heirs.
However, for a property Chateau sale, there will be certain preferences to those persons of a Royal King blood-line over the others. As our objective is not to create a mixture of what already is, and then re-categorize it, but rather to retain the dignity of our historical possessions.
Stating we are just a group of people who want Chateaus, devalues us in others eyes. Because persons of non-royal blood, will not have the same determination factor or reverence for the Castles and the Castle's objects.
Also a mixed group of citizens does not have the same political identity around the world as a royal group, who is more directionally motivated in its purpose. Not to barter Americas tactics of democracy away, but a Kingdom is not a democracy filled with stranded opinions into a failed voting box. But a more organized potential when handled properly.

The next page is directed towards the Budget of the EU Castle Collectives, Operating costs and expenses.
All of which, is run through "the Ghost Tax" and Share Purchases from members of the collective, as mentioned in the above images.