Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Queen of France

Reduction to 5% on housing repairs

I had initially gone with 10%, but with, the new demands for a cleaner balanced budget, am reducing it to a maximum of 5% after a house has been sold to the Kingdom. The 5% is a maximum amount, and in many situations unnecessary.

As other demands from the 25% property sales heighten, such as
all of the pre-paid wages, and other facets to run the Kingdom,
the olde 10% amount on a properties value was too much,
so there it is... a reduction.

The pages before, often have stated 10% toward repairs, on this blog,
one day soon, I will attempt to edit them into the 5% so,
our google lookup readers are not confused by old pages of our Kingdoms government.


Banking Institutions:
Meanwhile, I am writing a helper spreadsheet for the banking institutions, as they are not any longer going to handle 100% property values, rather only 50%,
& the other 50% is from our Kingdom, which holds the deeds of title..

& yes, they are as the casinos,
in having to pay additional as money garnishers,
whom earn their money in that fashion, so... each bank & brokerage firm which collects interest rates, is business income taxation rated with our The Vaux Kingdom of France at 25% of their profits.