Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Queen of France

Ticket to ride?

I do not forget.,
What am I an spirited animal remind,

A photo taken w/4 generations of women, from my mothers family,
all present, all visiting and a great aunt too.
A fantastic gathering of women,
a charm into and laughs held into the air far after the visit.

As if I had backers anew,
a new found warmth of easy-to-talk with people and a party of bond,
that strengthens away from, the other hates and energies of broken circumstance.

Endurance over the objectory male to persons kind.

She doesn't really talk much,
chides her great aunt,
with a disappoint to her.. as I was not being a little more entertaining,
She's like my older sister, already,"
she rebels out, without fears...into the foyered living room,
"how ridiculous, the worries around her everyday."

When the visit was over, the alive and allowed energy left,
and they all went back to Texas or some other state somewhere.

In a raft awaiting the reaction.
Anything to break the ice away from a titanic experience episode in-house.
Lets ride, ride those sleeping bags down the stairs again.
Fill the occlusion he feels struck with by the visitors.
... were back, as normal ... the children that move on.
I didn't really enjoy them that much,
deny deny deny, the extra happy at the new teddy bear grandma brought,

ignore the event, and never look back it on.
Not to a rewind into, nor a record of that experience ever known.

Perhaps I do not know their real names,
only persons I sneak into memory
and can re-read from the experience, as a book at night,
as a major event to contemplate of, that was once,
random chance allowed in my life.

The tensions surmount past a quieting of my furth.

The ax the big long handled ax,

My favorite place to sit at, the largest picnic table in the world,
in-house, that lived in our dining room. That table 5 7 9 feet
I back away as the swings entertain there.

Hacked to pieces, never again to dine from there.
11 feet away, backwards, back away, the kitchen is a momma there,
I protect to her that day.

Are we still walkin here, .