Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Queen of France

Poetry: The Phone Call

"Danced away disconnections gone".,
handed out on the to
from the other side
thanks to the up
and down crew,

Rings out, on the tonae
expelling calls away,
never, as the leaves grew,
never, never was the true,
dipp'in in,
dipp'in into pausae,
sorta gave up
on calls in those days,
eight years on the go by,
and taturshka baburshka
calls thru,
'fessin to his love again,
returning to his
love-again store

Til eruptia disroars
the guinea piglas died
only a few weeks before

On the pounce out
love again on the thru
strictin-into awesome,
awesome shock
to voice hear you two,

Fire yet again,
torches thru
instania divulge,
I'm getting *married.",

With options,
options of any hue.
getting married
any dress, even blue,

Distia, distia clique,
the phone call ends
states it out
theyve gone away

Wondering in, 
little sweeta cartooniaes,
questing out
on the call that day,
naughted on the into
only a shellfish,
ghostin thru.

Cartoonia gone
despairing on
hatin insta,
in follow thru
trapes in  on
into the trapez
away from cartoonia
drollian bees of ceaze the day,
missin out
space thoughts rebound
decoring meccas
lost and found,

Sting on spendation
dreamic illusivations,
drollian she
abound in writtenry,
tamed into
dictas society
no fire, no free,
cloud away,
theres no free
with her bee,

Regrets to the hard hit
on the sendae,
during and after
phone-callia way, 
grandin into battement,
high in the pinnacle,
over-heightened in done,
smushing deflate,
tender hearted egos
need-int hesitate
innocentaes keep that
continue on
nude in away
from her dates
un-fond play,

A breath held too long,
no choice,
she had constrictas on,

Accepted love
on the sudden
with differences on,
accelerate away
little shellfishy
swim away
and be gone.