Thursday, June 20, 2013

Queen of France

Poem: Suppressa

Wonderin on, the further tripping on,
a wedding on the read
that's all. a blink out on yahoo,
and i was gone,

as a have-to, hidden away too long,
kinda in trouble, in disaquainting
with outspeaked spoken
on the topic of notorious devotions.

suppressa lived on,
regulatum, touched with
a hindrance on the self.

habit in, after a while,
lifes food,
a little less
from rejectives mess,
descriptive on the time to time,
possibly depressed,

knownin reasons no-no fixia
plenty gathers there to his nest.

notta missa notta loss
just another,
pauses on the gots.

hides it pretty well
sordids of romantic swell

interrupta on the since its been,
the after years, of way back then.

say it...
you love it
dont you
the perdiculeum of no
the at the ready
that's a continuum, never go.

fourty seven on the years in
chance, disquiets sounds to tin,
calendars disrealia.
forbading octobers
overspend in.