Thursday, June 13, 2013

Queen of France

Poetry: Perpetual Proposal

To the windows past,
in contemplative,
I guess I say thank you
perpetual proposal to re-again,
love with a little extra,
available on,
the never overspend.

an odd photo takes
as a look of you
real time wants,
same in the similar,

surprised shoppings
in its walk there'on,
talk about a love supply,
that never stops
to tighten on. 

eyes in which colorae
I don't remember,

I didn't write a good program,
over-consumed loves gone, 
bright eyes reactive-turned-on,
returns into that indulgent
swamoufic song,

sang it,
radio played it,
wore it in my head,
turn around bright eyes,
ridicules tears
nows of returnery,
feeled in to be rained-in as lead,

trans-humanism orders insults
from flash-dances maneater-only
as the in code,
until I"m read, its fed,
and I'm completely dead,
no cryin there,
splishy splashy moviae,
optimism lives,
correct types, words on the say,
put and place around
and witchy again for a few, every day.

I loved that little restaurant also,
but who is it for, who can eat there
at romances shut door.

jading out,
survives occasions
raindrops on the fess through.
burrs to cold,
what level below are you?,
my level is under,
temperatured-on overcrisp,
laitatue, lettuce
before, its frosted mist.
good luck tryin to re-be
too many them's online,
'as to be you
splainaway extra trust
on the you tree,
recognition on the only,
is it impossible to return thru
almost 30 yrs,
what the hell am I trying to do.

why thinking on,
less weighted in extra
about you.

sex again,
thoughts linger'ie' on,
don't you have a cousin
or a fricken friend or two.
who is she? the one writing this?

guess your online anyway,
glad you learned how,
if you freak out.
there's a woman named
pushna guitars.

as I talk on to you,
plethering your plenty,
gasp it out to another,
and then on it goes with them,

back around to see each-other...
in this gift out, wake up,
those warmths on the spend
undue into other,
that residue,
wrap haste in autumns take,
togetherness and contented
though lookin alone,
calm energies equate,

fightin here as man and woman,
wanting another destined fate,
it drone cusses,  it's too late.
constant equi on the librium tale
sweet and all, houses love tender,
quippin in 'now', or returns to zender.

a dream snatched,
to stop it there,
in the live-in,
the no-outakes.

fun for a while,
to live in it,
possible entrances
the thru back to times wall,
agonies remove
this heartens warmer plausae,
why cant i accept out,
out of subsiding
subsiding on the into
accomplish of capture
of the un-rude,
it is a tempter,
provoking a live-in
as the life swell,
possible itself,
suckers-in destiny to a fated tell.

give up, decommission and isolate.

I then speak only a few words,
in recommission,
struum thought collections on the thru.

we're talkin the hope remove.

back into romance
and starting from there,
as possible
re-gives into lifes dream tale,
bequests a fortune,
away from disinherited occupancies,
occupancies of belittled guilts and persuasions
away from edglings on discover?
over-binding her into condemnations
of true love never.

too much with one word, fortune,
blingin' the eyes, so I forfeit.

how can she escape those forfeits,
accept the money, the cars,
around the others spouting,
"it's a no-attainment dream",
too rich, a practical cyanide,
taunting dreams to call,
disparity rules and equalities fall,
someone has to smart them all.

and then there's her internals,
viced by only her, inner excesses over-brutal.
especially on, that last up rule, on disparities call.