Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Queen of France

Poetry: Fishy High with a Wine Review: "Chateau Saint Genes"

What fish are you?
Toxic and poisonae,
fat and then thin,
in extraordinae,
no, they're too spiked out,
and always get their way.

Is there a purple one?
way too solid in colorae.

Kissy kissies, share and don't run away,
no love birds for you either,
keep writing the list.

Animals: the most uncomfortable with.

Then, the chocolates,
hearts crammed gross
insides extra dyed into sick.

Sounds corny, "remember me?"
did you really want to call
and be romance on the free?
It's not free, it's not free,
it's never ever, never ever,
gonna be.

How much, how much,
is it gonna cost me.
it's convenient to
remember you're
married me.

Wine Ratings
* - ** - ***

label;  Chateau Saint Genes
           Bernard Magrez
year;   2011
ratings;  ***

"Quiet humorous, bordeaux, not too tarty."