Friday, March 22, 2013

Queen of France

data carving: retrieves and its experientialism

despair and agony meet the face of defiant anxieties.

Ok, so i errored in attempting to remove the wine config from linux - ubuntu.

ran the $ to close to home and lost all my files there.

usb's ran rampant as 0 and showing as empty ... no files,

other partitions in disbelief errupted from my file save panics
and i errored again, losing data.

losing data from moving other saved areas, tar.gz and rearranging.

and yes immediately after,
my heart overwent,
the nights fell less at my sleep
and i rose stone to the dead wake of morn at 4:30.

The retaliation of the event, the mind sweeps to ---
they are only files,
photos of your animals,  and plants---
and spreadsheets of production confidence sent to the internet.

relax, remember it all another way.  that works for a while,
but then i remember all the places... all the work involved in the gathering,
the dogs and several others are since gone,
and those photographic moments are 'not like this'.

The retrieve:
The retrieve was not easy,
scalpels and test disk ...extun? and foremost,
all installed...
all finding problems of files with no names,
no categories..............
and no space left to write to.

ubuntus ---
tar.gz extending itself into a doubler unfold version only???
with no compression at all.
another dishelp.

a few image corruptions existed, 
the scalpel called the files to size exact as chosen for all,
so, in that configuration, 
do not bother with images unless you want them all 976 Kb each
and bound into a conformed height and width. ...
and the listing of 3000:9000 numeration version brings, 0-2999 only.

w/ excel: The scalpel did save my bizarre excel .xls' files though
but after attempts I found out that my xls signature header and tail
was not the same as other standard configs, on kesslers or 'ys? list.

I have since lost the correct one that i found though, 
so i cant give it out. did have many of the x00's. 
(the x in front is for the program) the 00 is the signature type.

testdisk ... using the photorec command:
it works when you find the file options inclusion, 
and edit to only the specific files you want, 
as the normal data recovery  'Carver' haul ...
tries to take too many files, and there is no way you can
save all those files unless you have a doubler hard drive space available. 

too many thumbnails and cache images included, 
and their html retrieve takes everything including txt's to perl scripts
therefore, it's not going directly for htm or html only, which is "tedious".
Some grep and find commands can help determine 
the filenames w/html, 
however any and all caches held from browsers are there also. 
So, do not get excited on winning this event quickly.

I believe the unallocated free space choice is free available space used before, and the whole space choice includes what is currently there
(viewable via a folder) also.

I confess to overcarving, accepting too many images, lg sm or thumbnail.
That mistake is the worst one as it tediates the new category creation process.
It does feel never-ending.

Forget music !
Its there, but there are no categories and/or olde filenames,
only the 'note icons'.

Thanks to the programmers:
However as i have not received a complete heart attack from the event,
i am mildly enthused -- as to receive any files from my non-existent past anyway.

and.... the photor* did actually save files from a 0 usb. 
so that was pretty cool.

ext. 4 os-

was that a chosen error?
no, but the often web calls ntsomething pretty much everywhere...
as the data carver special.
ext. 4 worked and i assume anyone in this predicament
is up that same question tree, of.... is my system antiquated already?

casual acquaintances learned:

chown yourusername:yourusername dir_holding_dirs_w_files*/*
to own file moves easier.
and chmod variations were preferring 740.
don't panic.

file storage learns:
try to never store files on your current working partition., with officeware etc.
only store them on a data-only partition that needs a separate os install also.
as the other way to grip-it to a space-only format seems to overhaul the harddrive and fan.

meeting now 50% lmsensors, i may install 12.04, somewhere.
I am tired- the upgrades on the carver partition (out of 11.04) failed.,
into a graphics window with no root shell applet or
root application access provided.
and the net root access via the grub-front root prompt sucks for me.

I did also find the other grub screen once during this phase,
that scary screen--- the screen with grubs little cutie commands only,
to boot the system from nowhere, or face no more computer.

that is an additional heart drop location.
2 install cds did not respond anymore,
and luckily a third decided to play.

If grub (grubpc grub common grb grub lega.)
is double installed on various partitions, does it prank-out the other?
It's all a guess. init images end up locked and the internet locks out also.

I kinda hate this as,
I cannot art anymore right now,
and feel the net dynasty tears at the artist ...
only to destroy them from accomplishment.

up to the 12.04 -- 
i did get there once during, via rare dictatives on offer, however, 
without the root shell terminal to install aptitude or synaptic or 
gnome classic basic it is fricken impossible for me to use. 
(it was as an atm-only, without a calculator).
so i reinstalled 11.04 again to hear the fans re-roar.
The fan noise only began since the $ was used from 
a cut and paste command i found on the net 
to remove the god-for-saken wine program.

back to the tried out 12.04 from prompt upgrades, 
it was missing more than 1/2 of the standard use applets, 
synaptic panels etc. , pretty much an empty upgrade shock into silence.

So for me... from 11.04, 
they "ubuntuans" require a fresh cd disk to re-order that partition,  
(my netbootin-fun install was sadly refused. 
even w/ the usb bios-into-grub active.)

causing a re-data wipeout of what is there, to really upgrade.
now the newly old found carved images
have to move again elsewhere.

They have been overdoing a 'ubuntu madness syndrome' into upgrades
for everyone linux and devolving access of repository access for lower versions, as the olde prompt commands deny upgrades.

The forced mandate of "now" or else is way too groupie into borg, 
as to be a pathetic throw into the future, 
only one of agony and defeatism. 
rather than a workability refining 
the current substrate of convictions spent.

An eternal emptying of ones mind pockets, 
leaving one unfulfilled, 
that only new -- gathers being.  

hexa inconfidence:
obviously this recent trial into computing has overrun
itself beyond the partition into usb.
perhaps are we now experiencing usb deletes from thin air,
queries again nuclear involvements of the overflow. 
will it -does it -did it - happen to delete data needed?

my minimal experience jumps into destiny all, 
the system is too hooked up to melt. 
we cannot melt.

I can't remove my distrust.... from the beasts nuclear. 
blasting me into realism theirs., 
were they created to keep us away from poetry
and flights into fanciful dictations, notions and hexary? 
Built to keep the Gods from voicing themselves.
Built to keep the state of before 1900-2000,
the state of owned persons-
enslaved into the corporational dictates.

A vicious attempt to remove my powers over destiny.

for the work as normal realists, 
i did copy the files -to the usb, that lost the data- ,
one time during the escapade., perhaps in error.


Before Blog:
as an update joke, 
back to before, the bloodline trust blog, 
i determined that the bloodline group each
has a maximum of 300 persons per gg grandparent couple, (150 adults)
80 houses each:
40 lived-in and fully owned by relatives 
and the other 40 are rented to total strangers. 
those 40 can be rented out to the trust recipiants, 
and perhaps beautiful gardens grow, 
as the trust recipient renters would buy trees and plants.
Endorsing cottage gardens for butterflies and other insects, 
requiring a variation of flowering specimens.

80 houses x 16 (8 marriages)= 1280 houses w/640 to rent.
tough to coordinate online,  all 1280 at once,
because cousins have 8 different gg-grandparents.
the 80 houses per gg-grandparent group 
is viable enough to keep within a trust corporation though.

So as not interview w/relatives. 
perhaps a mail-in dna test entry into the trust.
and rental forums w/trust action decisions held online, 
to maintain separation and privacy,
and not activate olde style in-person visits, 
which in the past, 
discerned itself into the quickening of an overlording event 
from certain family members... 

usually the money-rich ones, 
who made the lowly other family members....
writhe and twist on call to the summonser.

Did they enjoy the in-witness effect of depleting 
their genes into fractional chasms of shards? Me, thinks so.