Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Queen of France

The Smarter Pumpkin Squash

Since a years' time has additional pumpkin has arrived on the fence,

in the first year,
I placed the pumpkin (the orange pumpkin) there, to give it a safer growing experience.
last yrs pumpkin blog

Now in this subsequent year, another pumpkin (the left photo) is growing there on its own volition. How this happened is verging on amazing, as it appears to be taught from another vegetables lifetime.

They are not from the original pumpkin's seedlings, yet,
they are inhabitants of the exact same area on the fence to grow larger.

Variable ways and possible reasons the pumpkin learned to take the easy route, are:
#1. area matter, : a spacial spot on the planet that has learned a lesson in easier life habits.
If matters frequencies also hold timed events aside from basic vibrational construct, then timed events, such as the "perch on the fence now", a time-release of previous knowledge acquired, giving less hardship to the plant. Assumingly the frequency is also more desirable and balanced to the surroundings. As vegetative nature has already proven, over countless years, the creation of success in vegetational growth over failures. The relishable indulgence here is... are natural elements growing under conditions of their own learned guidelines, recreating less hardship patterns, desiring a utopia, updating and being a successful frequency. The want is for nature to be responsible in recognizing success, as man may try to alter what is a success and reverse the two events. Meaning man (human) may try to teach nature to grow as a fail, rather than a success. This is a possible good in a resistance build scenario, yet not as lord and master over everything. 
#2. soil knowledge, : past information held in the soil, of the plantings direction and purpose.
#3. the manure mixture, :
this is a manure mixture from the surrounding cows,
thereby their involvement with the before-knowledge is included.
If they themselves are telepathic to my online blog from a year ago, cannot be proven at this time, yet not discounted either. Meaning a news event, that they, the cows have learned, and the information is carried through into their manure.