Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Queen of France

Property Repair Clarifications

Every property sold,
the government pays the appraisal cost to the owners, minus 25%.
10 % of the 25 % goes toward the *property repair fund.
*The property repair fund running balance is the assumingly
fun total for stastiticians of all the world's properties.

Each property has the spending amount of 10 % of property value
per 20 years time frame.
The limit part is:
No matter how many times during the 20 years that the property is bought,
rented or sold, only 10% of the 20 yr. appraised value is available for spending.

In example:

Repair Limits:
property value, 100000  = 10000 toward any repairs. ~ per 20 years.

Repair spending and repairs are conducted only when the property is sold,
before renting, or being purchased.
*repairs are:
a minor upkeep of gardening, (non-toxic gardening supplies),
occasional house cleaning... (non-toxic cleaning supplies),
on to major repairs for roofing, masonry, plumbing, electrics etc.
The repairs happen when it is without occupants, before it is sold or rented.

Each properties repair balance ecrues higher each year,
and if it's yearly amounts are not all spent,
its culmative balance is thusly available for major repairs... if required.

**remember, the workers are prepaid 20000,
so the repair spending balance is for supplies only.

with property world government,
10% of any rent money collected yearly goes toward its house repairs,
(the properties 20 yr. repair valuation, is 10% of the property value,
5% from the rental income, 5 % from the owners.)
1/4 value of previous property values worldwide.
and rents are limited to 1/2 of that property value, per 20 yrs.
A 200000 house value becomes 50000,
rentable at 25000 per 20 yr. time frame,
and repairs of 5000 per 20 yrs. 10% property value.
only building supplies are the house purchases.
Purchased in bulk by gov. at building centers,
with sustainable and ecology-minded choices only.
Additional owners savings can be added into the project,
yet that is out of their savings, not from the rental income.
Each rental property originally rented out in as good as new shape.

The owners are without complaints because the houses and apts.
themselves are purchased from the yearly 20000 pre-paid gift card.,
(up to 10000 per yr.) freely given by the government.,
and first time sales into the system, are to the government for resale later,
...the owners receive the houses' prior valuation (4x's higher),
 minus what they did not pay for the house, via loans remaining.
Manual labor workers receive a savings percentage from their yearly works from the government rental or resell repair lists.
and ...bank loans remaining with the banks, are absolved from the owners, and the loan amounts go into the debt buy trade.