Monday, August 8, 2011

Queen of France

The Greed Pull

Living in the tug of war within the self and the temptive of greed
that we fight to keep away.
The envelope contains, all you will ever need, for happiness.

Wished into standardization, like the others, ... How fat is that envelope ?
Is it cash ? Is it Cards that are cancellable?
Only cash money wins in the mafia of fear.

By surrounding ourselves with the money dangle again and again,
it is known, it is some substance, until you find the currency
a fragile epic of non affordability.

No envelope is big enough to remove the fear of a monied declined encumbrative.
I need a briefcase then, but those movies rank with guns.

Woman in peril, cards electronique,
to trust and endure living within this sanctuary of respected circumstances,
the card is issued by her,
it must be her bank,
it must be her currency,
as man has evil-ed her existence into a swamp of fear
that kills her from within.