Saturday, May 14, 2011

Queen of France

Food and Shopping

Facing the terminology of the individual self,

one being the need to eat and survive in and under any conditions,
and the other with the over-exhuberance of our shopping-type existence.

Stuck between these rationals of living methods,
I end up hating my own foraging person
as the others are so vehemently enchanted into the shopping cycles.

In a normal time away from these past few hundred years,
we would have not even engaged into this topic,
it would have already been done.
The food stores within a persons home,
piled high and no angst against a 3-day supply
delivered from an enferalled gas-diesel supply chain.

And before anyone yells boiling preserves and sugar,
I only use balsamic or the vinegars to top the food
before closing the lid and never any sugar,
no cooking even has to go on in some cases.

Even the preserve your food societies have killed this pastime
of having food available inexpensively by demanding certain jars
and have forgotten the easy old way of vinegar and wines.

I am a lttle unsettled over the olive or nut oil preserving methods
unless the vegetables are truly dehydrated,
and yes I have some dehydrated tomates in oil from last summer,
yet live with a perpetual shopper
so i have a minor problem as he seemingly distrusts
my preserved items and keeps buying me more store labeled food ..

"Please no more food except,
oil , vinegar, wine and a few bags of whole grains."

and the ecoutriments of ''the hand crank mill grinder" and a "freznel".

Don't you hate that anxiety "OMG, were out of ..."...

Perhaps the stores were only created for the get-away experience,
at the expense of the planet.

I guess a pallet of food-store items could keep those corporate shoppers contented also.

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