Queen of France

The Ballerina Fund

The Creation of a Ballerina and Danseuse Fund;
Prospectus: A non-profit fund for retired Classical Ballet dancers.
Aimed to help support dancers, from the age of 40 or older.

-------Company Minutes-------

The discussion of the fund, and its beginnings.
Obviously, a Board of Directors needs to be allocated, and a staff, in order to begin the actualization of the fund to its recipients.
Preferably a Board of Directors and staff that are from The Ballet World*, as they are more familiar with the recipients in question.
*as if we are from a planet elsewhere.

Place for Company Meetings

To organize people, who work for the organization, we need a private forum. At the top of my head is the yahoo forum, and the google hangout, allowing whoever is on our "who's who list" to be invited.

Allocating the Board of Directors "minimum of 4 persons"

As people rarely talk with me,
because I'm so indirectly "Super-Rich", being a Royal Roche and Vaux, etc;
...Perhaps, one of you already have a "Ballet World List" to help enlist the members for our Board of Directors, and that person can also make the phone-calls necessary to invite them to join our fund.
Knowing full well, that the start-up persons efforts to help coordinate our new "Board of Directors", will not be on any pay-scale basis, until later, when you be allowed monetary payment through our non-profit organization as a member of the funds start-up staff.

Final Close of these Minutes

In conclusion of todays meeting; nothing can be actually organized yet, without a Board of Directors, and an online meeting location and a start-up staff person with a call-contact list.