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Monday, June 18, 2018

Queen of France

Utopian Ruiners

Another letter sent to Animal Experimenters:

Please stop your blatant cruelty to animals and find another career.
There is a war against you and others like you; a war that will not stop until all the animals are freed from their spent tortures, inflictions and agonies and further animal incarcerations, a war brought on to stop all abusive people touting "in the name of Science".
Disdain forever wears itself on your person, this garment of disdain, sounds a warning to others, a warning you can never shed.
Try to huddle together with your putrid kind and well even better, as the war in our midst, finds and identifies your group as evil persons, even sooner.
There is no comfort for you in this life, only penance with constant verification of your past deeds, that you have been completely evil. Not even then, will any gates of heaven be your available either.
Persons who re-create Hell are evil. Identify yourself as such and just maybe as your days of breath finds themselves shorter, you might get a few more.
Personally I don't care, if you can ever sleep at night again. What fools the others are, to even garner you the extra effort of gaining any rest.
You will totally and completely be known as a person who has inflicted animal cruelty until your dying day and the subsequent thereafter.
Not an epitaph of a life, one normally regimes to be known as.
I wonder the why, in your Hell re-creation, and realize you are a mere foster child of Religion.
As without Hell, Religion is not required.

Utopian Ruiners.

Utopian Ruiners, Stay away from me;

This letter is from the Animal Freedom Fighter;
Therese Vaux de la Fontaine

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Queen of France

Ubuntu 18.04 goes 64

Hey, I have a i686 though.

Well in the land of overdone installation tries, I first installed the 18.04 beastie 64amd.
I thought it was Not recommended, as it seemed to over-run the fan on my system, so installed the flavours (shown below), then returned back to amd. with dual primaries and a grub that allows: (I found this associated link which thwarted my entire day, back to amd64
The move away was to ....Lots of tiny Ubuntu's, called lighter versions and flavours:
Ubuntu Studio
After, also finding 9 bad blocks, then 39 bad blocks, which could have to do with the 64 version I initially pushed on the partition. I sent the bad blocks elsewhere, with the e2fsck -c /dev/sda# command. Which either moves the bad blocks into an inode of their own or deletes them. Then, the damaged hard drive is stopped, and cannot further damage files or folders, from those call-throughs.
The 39 blocks will still be there and stated though, via the disk app and its smart view.
Old-age written in again and again, furthers the discussion as to why is it old already? Its only been 8 years or so. Maybe it's a standard sentence given.
I am giving in and going for a laptop tlp, hopefully that will reduce the fan overheating issue.

Not happy with the flavours?

No, They have been a pain to setup, appearances, icons, audio, etc.
All seem to be from older desktop Ubuntu versions around Ubuntu version 10. The use of panels, is a long-time desktop appearances setup.
One neat thing though, is adding in a third or fourth panel on the right-hand side or middle, which can be just a window loader. (Instead of on the top or bottom), it can access windows right though other windows which can make it easier to click around for tired hands. However, my hands are already too tired from the appearance setups;
So I added onto Ubuntu Studio 18.04 with Xfce; an install of Unity, then Ubuntu-session, then gnome-session-flashback.
In the results from the last install, I have a gnome flashback session, sort-of, one that is very similar to the old Ubuntu 17.04. So, I feel like I kind of cheated the forced 64 upgrade, as I have a similar desktop. Which speeds things up again. Learning new desktops all the time deters from what I really wanted to do with the computer that day. So, the Unity add, has really helped out.
Secondly, with the Unity return and then Gnome Flashback,
the Audio has also returned;
to work very easily with the sound controls and I didn't need to install pavucontrol at all.
The external microphone works with 2 choices of digital or analog,(input and output) whereas Ubuntu Studio on its own has about 8 very confusing choices.
I could not get Ubuntu Studio to record from the external and then playback via the headset.
It kept muting out or not recording at all, depending on which pavucontrol configuration choice. Maybe my computer Ubuntu Studio & the pavucontroller just aren't ever getting along.
After a few updates and a dist-upgrade, Unity is an autoremove, and so far the Gnome session flashback has not been an issue and the audio is working, while missing all the depth in my the upper range.
Therefore, I revert back to amd 64 with my i686/i686/i686. Adding in dkms with range hopes. Done by around 3 in the morning.
All in All
I'm heading into the land of tlp, hoping for a cool down.
It is 95+ outside 80-85 inside, with a weather that doesn't help the Smart cuss at; my computers Old-Age. As the rumble of the swamp cooler sounds like a constant tumbler, and white foam spews out from its crevices and drips onto the front doorstep; What a house! That I've gotten myself into, outside of this computer machine.
In weird up-all-night dreams of the future;
I remember the dance studios of College Avenue in Berkeley Ca, where I was often a visitor in training. Many of the studios were just regular houses with dance teachers, pianos and piano players. Houses converted into wood-floored rooms, large or small, with a dance or yoga class going. Here in the hot house on this southern border of the United States; the main room could be a small dance studio one day, with a nice high ceiling. The garage could be another dance room conversion. Barres and mirrors, wood floors and marley. Then, this tiny house with high ceilings, even further wants to escalates itself into a mini-concert hall; givings piano concerts with cello and a flute.
That's all for today, folks.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Queen of France

Stop All Animal Experimentation

A letter to Animal Experimenters:

Sent to
Stop these careers altogether. They are not honorable as they inflict harm to innocent animals.
Persons who seek these vocations are not healthy human beings. They are persons who see themselves as the ultimate construct and prefer to view the planet and its inhabitants as their dominion.
Persons who experiment on animals are as heinous as serial killers.
Persons who work in the professions of animal experimentation are people who deserve nothing less than the full instatements from the judiciary courts, and prosecuted as criminals of this planet Earth.
People who raise animals; and then harm them, are no less than evil.
Did you hear me, "People who raise animals; and then harm them, are no less than evil."
As each animal is harmed by these experimenters, a hell is being unleashed to each of the scientists. A hell they cannot run from, as they know they are assasinators of good and that they are evil human beings.
Shut down every animal experiment office and clinic in the entire world. Only then can these so-called scientists begin to rectify their deeds as assailants to innocence.
Investigate no animal further, and set them free.

This is a War, against all Animal Experimentation and it's Scientists.

As the civil war; was for freedom of African Americans, to stop the evils of incarcerations.
This is also a freedom war; a war to stop the evils of incarceration for all animals, that are experimented upon or raised for experiments in the name of Science.

A War with full prosecutions,
With Non-Kind Regards,

Therese Vaux de la Fontaine

P.S.: Obviously, Stop all Animal Testing!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Queen of France

Gardening Charts for Spring and Fall


Start Your Gardens! in Zone 8

Here are my quick helper charts to start planting vegetables, in High Desert Regions.

Spring Indoors

Spring Outdoors

Fall Indoors

Fall Outdoors

The xlsx version, available to download:
Zone 8: Yearly Planting Chart, For the High Desert
If you're in another zone, the xlsx sheets can be used a basic starter template.
Thanks to, The National Garden Association for the information.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Queen of France

The Potato Monster Dog; ....Susie Returns

The Potato Monster Dog Lives On!

Truth or Fiction!

In the beginning, I didn't hesitate and named the new potato specie;
as a potato-caterpillar.
Then, as time winced in the heated sunlight, a new Potato "Dog" has shown itself, growing into much more than I previously thought possible.
The potato dog is just snoozing in the garden, like Old English Sheepdogs do.

The Potato-Dog is just like my old English; named Susie.

Leaves fromping around in her devil-may-care attitude,
as leafy curls and shoots.
Never say they are gone forever,
they return to you in the most mysterious ways.
This time, she is an Organic Potato Dog, and why not?
With each passing day, another potato puppy seems to arrive.
as the Little Golden Yukon's push their way to the surface.
Latterly, I am obliged to put them into a recipe right away,
or lose their respect as a chosen delectable.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Queen of France

Halt Pesticides: A letter to The Government

A hint of my Springtime Garden
with Organic: Carrots and Chard

My recent email sent to
Rep. Beto O'Rourke US Representative (TX16)

Unfortunately blogs aren't always in real time, therefore, the above link --- may be an old vote, by the time the web-crawler has the data available as a search-able link.
So, please use this letter or portion thereof; for future bills regarding the halt of pesticides.
Not sure you are reading this, however:
It is paramount in this decade that the afore drawn assumptions by big industry; from the past one hundred years be modified; in order to economize our persistent impact as human beings:
The notion that the world will re-heal from toxic chemical damage and pollutants with the billions of us present on its soils, has to be replaced.
Replaced with the correct and decent choices for a continued existence without further chances of: retarded children, cancers and hemaphrodites.
The consumptive chemical generations of the past 100 yrs of agricultural development, have been advertised through Big Industries commercial window via the television set.
Advertised to be infused with pesticide-laden; fruits and vegetables, grains, etc.
Advertised to chemically spray their homes and carpets, etc.
An advertisement that has damaged our healthy topsoils,
a major player in our natural ecosystem,
a damage that has even reduced our available pollinators.
The only cure back to health; is to go organic, just as our pilgrim ancestors were.
Then people will live longer life-times, rather than being reduced by ingesting non-natural or arsenic-related chemical products.
1.) One answer to planting without pesticides, lies in companion planting, which includes certain types of flowers, increasing our pollinators population.
2.) Reduce agri-farm sizes, where at least 3 vegetables are raised in one soil arena.
3.) Add certain peppers, such as cayenne, surrounding the plants edges.
The instant cure:
Go vegan and be Organic, thereby cutting down on the animal production industry.

"The lazy spread the chemicals for their days delight,
while their children fail to remember, the day from the night."

Therese Vaux de la Fontaine

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Queen of France

148 Kings from the Era of Henry IV of England

Kyrenia Castle, King James I of Cyprus
Genealogy update:
from Henry IV of England; 1500 to around 1000 A.D.

My chartwork Kingdom info was obtained from, via Gedcom.


Discoveries via the public Gedcom; (prior I gathered all my kingdoms via online weblinks only)

Well, I found many surname (genetic) links to the actual Kingdoms.
Cousin Info:
A few families inner-married as cousins, most likely as was the fashion to retain more of their royal bloodlines. So, instead of only a few possible surnames leading to the kings. There are some of my cousins ancestors sharing kingdoms also, like a diamond pattern, where the last generation (me), is at the bottom of the diamond, and the top is the king.
There are even further line shares to be found, as the gedcom database is not completely finished.
**My genetic link data number is slightly skewed though, over the long term, as I also added the multiple crowns shared number, per Monarch.
My added-in 500 number to my sheet, is slightly confusing, as there are only 8 original surnames allowed per king generation, (from great grandparents) over any time period.
In example Henry IV has a double crown, whereas King Edward III holds 10+ crowns...(where my Thomas line ie., holds 4 different surname lines to that crown, and the Thomas lines are independent of any of the other major surnames, (from approx. 8 major surname lines.), times 5 generations of kings = 50 genetic holds over a selected 300-400 years.)
Therefore, all-in-all,
It appears I have become somewhat domesticated through the years from the fallout of Kingdoms from Europe.

Other important notables;
My Fontaine side, leads to the same time-frame of Kings, and shares many of the same kingdoms also. All of my Fontaine crowns are shared with the Williams crowns.
So at this point...
My mother "Mary Queen of England & France"; still wins in "The most crowns in Europe game",
vs my father....
Most of my Kingdoms hold multiple crowns, (through my grandparents), except the Denmark line.
**In the spreadsheet; I included a count of these genetically held crowns, as well as approx. number of Kings.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Queen of France

Deceptive Diversions

On that farm, with no working vehicles, bikes or help from authorities.
She was attacked several times by arrogant, malicious and deceptive people.
All the while, the farmstead itself, was plundered,
as they lumbered all the long-lived trees.

Calling attention only to her name.
She was their diversion.
They yelled at authorities of her non-distinguished circumstances of poverty.
They called lawyers to sue her.
They turned as many persons as possible against her,
training them to be filled, with hateful diatribes;
"She didn't pay her rent!"
All the while, they lumbered the long-lived trees.
They were Known as, "The good-paying citizens who bought a lawyer",
They were Known as, "The rich, who cosyied-in as property owners",
as they lumbered the long-lived trees.
What notice of a forest gone,
"She didn't pay her rent!"
The house crumbled from neglect,
and they continued to lumber the long-lived trees.
Poor little dear, She would never pay that rent!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Queen of France

Creed of Eco Warriers & The Tree Keeping Fund


Helping Identify to The Annilators our Planet:

This Creed is brought to you by Therese Vaux de la Fontaine:

Who Eco Warrriers Are:

Persons who vow: to not enable any person(s) to log or maime a tree,
whether for personal gain, group opinion* or monetary reasons.
Women who choose Ecologically minded men only.

Persons who reject the policy of forest thinning.
Typically called maintenance by loggers, logging companies, residential persons, firemen or firewomen, public or private schools, golf courses, road construction staff & workers, and other so-called forest workers.

Persons who stand for the rights of renewal and sustainability of Planet Earth,
& its species of flora and fauna, to last beyond their lifetime.

Persons who stand for the rights of renewal and sustainability of Planet Earth,
& its species of flora and fauna, to last beyond their lifetime.

Identifying the Evil Enemy:

They are Persons who take or order persons of manual labor jobs, to decimate our natural forests and wild areas.

They are Persons who go with self or group opinion, over and/or before any qualified group of esteemed scholars have made their determinations.

Qualified Personnel Are:

A Professional Group of at least 5 (4 yr of study or more) college post graduates or graduates : of Botany, Biology, Life Sciences, Wildlife botanists & Climatolgy
or 3 decreed professors of botanicals and/or wildlife studies.
These Collegiate persons, must be from at least 3 different Colleges or Universities.

When No Professional Collegiate Group is available:
Qualified Persons are any persons who ask or demand the stop of any: logging, thinning, mining or other resource driven commercial enterprises.

The Tree Keeping Fund:

The yearly wages for this Collegiate group of professionals, is paid by the Tree Keeping Taxation Fund, a fund paid by all tax-paying citizens. Which includes their decisional work on Private and Public grounds.

The Collegiate group of professors are paid regardless if a tree is felled or not.

Each one of these professional college graduates of Tree ID Botany workers, also has a work record of before and after images, of any trees that were keep or felled by their vote.

Their record of tree keeping or destruction will be available for the public to view (online).

Post Doctorate Professors who are paid from this publicly paid "Tree Keeping Fund", have the duty of reviewing many current tree-identifyers each year, & verifying if they are still qualified.

The Tree Keeping Fund does not pay any further costs, only the decisional costs, supplied by the Collegiate Tree Identifier Group.

If the Professional Tree Identifier Group has deemed a tree to be destroyed:

The actual tree pruning or felling costs are incurred by:
The persons who ordered the tree destroyed pays for the actual pruning or cutting work; whether on Private or Public Grounds.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Queen of France

100 Ecovillages: The Business Plan

A Town Version

Shared Produce to Income

Where Vegetable, Fruit and Nut Tree items; from each village are shared, between the 100 villages, & the overflow produce is sold for an income.
While each village; has 1 or more other products they either raise, make or create for profit, and those independent products are sold, through the larger 100 village collective organization.

Design of The Cobb Building Cycle; of housing to income.

For benefits of necessity; this is a Vegetarian* business design, which is more sustainable for the planet and persons therein. *not including meat or fish, while including eggs and cheese in the diet.

Number of Villages: 100
Number of Persons per Village: 50
Number of Persons in all Villages: 5000
Approx. Land per Village: 25 acres
Approx. Land per 100 Villages: 2500 acres
Min for Gardening: 625 acres (6.25 each)
Min for Parks: 250 acres (2.5 each)
Basic Cost* Per Person: $5,000
Basic Cost includes the house and shared services, and food cost for 1 year. After that time all future income is derived from the village itself. Therefore, no other money should ever be required.
Being Basic, the design is limited to many shared resources from the main community house (kitchen center).

Village Design:
It's wiser for designers to plan for only a single lane road leading to the main community center and garden, while the houses flank the center, a simple clock formation, where 11 - 1 contains the road out toward the cities, and 7-5 could be used for park or additional farmland. In the center, showers & kitchen, etc, are then easily walked-to, or bicycled-to by the members.

xlsx: costs sheets
100 EcoVillage Version: 22 MB, xlsx;
20 EcoVillage Version: 8.8 MBs

Each small house includes land, around 1/3 an acre, if in the country, (used in the example). However, as shown in the image on the right, the plan can be used for any smaller land-based communities.
Additional points to this plan is the non-necessity of home purchase, aside from the low initiation fee* (ie. $5,000 per house; or the $5000.00 is loaned by the Eco-Cooperative itself (garnered through a bank).).
Reason being such a low house price cost, is that the construction materials, and manual labor are provided by the residents as they are the builders and farmers.

Each Ecovillage

A) Includes invited persons who stomp and build the cobb houses. After a few house stomps (min. 3), 1 of the builders gets a house*.*1 small house.

Meaning, out of the group of cobb stompers, 1 of them can claim a finished house, as their newly built house. From that point on, that person then helps "farm**", an item or two for the main coop.

Selling rules:

later on, the house can be, either traded within the community, for another, or it could be sold to outsiders who prefer to only be farmers. Proceeds from the property value sale, are divided, based upon the persons who built the house, by their final time commitments and its elaboration values.

Meaning; 10 stompers and roof builders, and 1 elaborator (who became the owner). The value is split, based upon the properties price and amount of labor involved.

Income from the Sold Property Price: 50,000 house,
Labor 1) 10,000 to the elaborator-owner, (who tiled, etc)
Labor 2) 3,500 to each of the stompers and roof builders.
A Community fee) 5,000, A small 10%, goes to the eco-community, towards its loans, etc.

B) The Eco Village Coop Truck,
picks up the items then redistributes (with or without a warehouse), to supermarkets. ie., lettuce, beets, honey, herbs, flowers, eggs, grapes,etc.

C) The original problem of the person without income to pay for food or housing is solved, as the income from the coop pays for food and property taxes, etc.

D) Optional* A nominal business loan; for The Eco Village Cooperative, could assist the business start-up, while insuring the land is paid and the persons of each eco-village are fed

The loan would last a couple of years, until the small garden farms are productive.

When new eco-villages are added into the cooperative, another tiny loan would be included, to accommodate the new cobb "stompers".

This simple concept, similar to a croft system, houses many people, while supporting a larger ecological business.

**Farm or Farming; for the process of this discussion is the business model, however other items could be the main business income of a single ecovillage. ie, one village focuses on hand-spun yarns and wool items. (where the original wool un-spun & un-dyed, was sent from another village in the community, another eco-village that raises sheep and makes sheep cheese.)

Determining Number of Sold Items from the Farm:

1 main Individual Item per small ecovillage; Small Cooperative The idea of one main production item per small town (village), has worked in areas of Europe for many years, so the above idea has a history of of being successful. (a rare goat cheese from a small region in the Pyrennees).
Conversely; 1 item 100 eco-villages; Large Cooperative Larger cooperatives though, such as grapes to wine, where one item is mass produced on separate farms is effective economically, by keeping up with the competition of larger companies on a world-scale. Although the larger firms, (sometimes government syndicates; ie), do have a tendency to ask for and receive subsidies from the government from time to time, whereas the main product from small goat cheese town, is not be on the subsidy list.

The balance of comfort is a bit of both, where the larger 100 ecovillage cooperative has a substantial group of workers, that bring in a variety of basic items, with a few unique items thrown in.
In this way, regarding income enhancements to the business, banks and governments will be more tolerant of your efforts.

However, an independent ecovillage business, away from the banking system and government help, is obviously possible. Yet, In the situation of persons starting from a meagar income beginnings, the grouped ecovillages will more than likely, "be treated", as a successful upstart by being a larger coop.

If using a Loan: Determining any Loan Values, Homes and persons per village::

The final value of the loan is based upon, the finished property value of the tiny homes.
# of persons per village: 50
# of houses per village: 50 small cobb or earth-bag houses
finished home value of 50,000 each
finished property value per village $2,500,000
finished property value per 100 villages: $250,000,000

Land purchase:
# of Villages: 100 Each village: 25 acres or more per eco village.
Cost per acre: $5,000 per acre
Land Cost per Village:$125,000
Land Cost per 100 Villages:$12,500,000

Determining Business and Land size per person
Number of Acres per village: 25 acres
Farming Business Acres: 25%, 6.25 business acres per village
Residential Land per village: 18.25 acres
Per Person: .375 acres each.

100 Villages
# of Persons: 5000
Land Cost: $12,500,000
Building supplies and Infrastructure Costs, plus several years of property taxes and food supplies: $12,500,000
Acres: 2500
Loan: $25,000,000
Cost per person without a loan: $5,000

However, as the final completed property value is to be $250,000,000
plus the value of the business, it could be a higher loan. My advice is to negotiate loan payments to begin after 1 yr. Where certain basics such as vegetables to market, begin paying it off.
If the Cost per person is initially afforded by members of the group, then no loan would be required.
The final result is: Homes & a Business for 5000 people.

1 Village Only

If deciding to only create 1 eco-village, with 1 business. The numbers are simply reduced by 100%.

# of Persons: 50
Land Cost: $125,000
Building supplies and Infrastructure Costs, plus several years of property taxes and food supplies: $125,000
Acres: 25

Loan: $250,000
Cost per person: $5,000
If the Cost per person is initially afforded by members of the group, then no loan would be required.


Grouping compatible persons.

Village Cost Chart