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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Queen of France

Carbon Reduction; A Simple Way to Start Powering Down Our Houses

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Heavy Duty Window Insulation

Pillows and Puffs

One way to start reducing your carbon footprint is to insulate. In this way Summer's are cooler indoors, while Winter's are warmer.
This blog is really only pertaining to windows that are not for day to day use. Rather about the windows in your home, condo, or apartment that are simply excessive.


For Centuries Tapestries have hung over a Castle's Windows, and this time is not any different. Area Rugs can be quite thick, which is key to increasing the r-values.
A single pane of .90 R (1/4 inch) can go as high as 3 with carpeting. (r-value .7-2.1 for carpets).


Cardboard is another method; covered by batting and fabric similar to a pillow. The r-value of cardboard is stated around 3-3.4, so with a typical thin quilt batting at approx 2 r-value; when rolled over 3-4 times. The r-value is closer to 5-5.4.


So, you will get a higher r-factor from the cardboard method, however the carpet method is quicker and easier. (if you double the carpet, then you could increase the value to 6, the same or more than the cardboard pillows.)

Bonus Factors

Sound proofing from the outdoors is another plus, esp. for shy singers.
Another bonus factor to consider is... the reduction of ozone-free light, light direct from the sun itself; which can be very dangerous. Bringing UV radiation, skin damage, cataracts, skin cancer, weakened immune systems etc.

Instructions for The Carpet Method:

Second Hand Carpet:
1.) Cut to specs, (be careful with the carpet shears or knife), leaving at least an inch extra on the top or botton
If the carpet slips or buckles, double the carpet and/or use a wooden stick diagonally to prop it up.

Instructions for The Cardboard Method:

Window pillows in effect, though slightly thinner than a normal pillow.
The No-Sew Method:
1.) Tape the carboard together, then wrap the batting and tie with a string,
2.) Cover with fabric and tie the fabric with a string.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Queen of France

Global Warming Footprint

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

2 Metric Tons each per person per year is the ideal, in order to Stop Global Warming.
That reduction means:
All solar electricity including heating,
Limited car usage to none,
Self sufficient gardening with very limited to no grocery shopping,
No flights
No Mortgage or other loans
Reducing Insurance Costs to none.

Good Luck in your Tally...

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Queen of France

Stopping The War Machine

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.
As each day passes, there is the chance to reflect, make a change, or ignore.
Those that ignore are effectually pushing the wheel of the war machine & allowing it to continue.
The war machine itself; in this day and age of 2020, is simply each and every factory that already creates munitions and planes.
Whereas the other factories, setup to look as a fruitful economy for shoppers;
are also part of the plan of warfare; containing buildings and sets of machines therein ready to be flipped into the "War Effort".
The Industrialists who own the warfare-making factories, all around the world; buy and sell to countries on the premise of fear. Fear of attack by others, leading to the "have-to" purchase of war products. Those buyers parading in advertie that they've brought security to their country.
On this day I am still Cold War exhausted, even after it officially stopped decades ago. However, the recent rise within China by 19 major corporations, from Steel companies to Renewable Power to Construction Banks'; to adopt Communism as their way forward has become too much to be believed.
A new rise from the "Satin" of the past. These large companies are making fear of the cold war prevalent again. Where that fear; will only ready the need, for further purchases of war equipment.
In this way, the people lose, as they pay-out each paycheck towards paying for the new fear..."of a cold war on the rise". They lose, as governments prove that this fear allows for no other alternatives, aside from war-item purchasing.
The only direction the Industrialists keep honing towards is further warfare & the ongoing wargames conducted during times without an "official war". These Industrialist buyers are running the Governments of the world.

The People Cannot Lead Their Future

The people have proven for decades that they cannot vote these, "International Warfare Games" away. The people are just defenseless voices against their Governments.
The people have not been able to say, "No more" and actually have that happen. The people are merely talking into the wind.
Stating demands; "No more purchases from these 19 companies that are teasing us with a return to Cold War Communism"; does not make it happen. Even loud groups of people and their voices wanting to oust Trump from his Industrialist Reign; does not make it happen.

The Providers of the War Machine

In the look for answers, you have to look at the providers of the War Machine.
The first providers are the people,
citizens have allowed for the Industrialist's to grow into the extents of World Dominion, simply due to their excessive shopping habits. The people have proven they do not only want to shop for food and decent housing, but they have proven they want to shop for decadence. Making the "rebuy something new, again"; personality, which is is nearly everyone's next door neighbor. The addage of "Keeping up with the Jone's" has suited the Industrialist to a tee. Bringing them untold wealth and power. Power that writes the direction of the people; putting us into a world where votes really do not matter, when the almighty fear of war, is lurking on the agenda.
Each one of our angers independently or on mass means has amounted to nothing in the end. All of our wishes & wants have become fool-hardy efforts, only known as lost conversations where nothing was ever accomplished, bringing the people into the truth that they've no participation towards their Government. Small participations might exist, to assuage, but they are small and change from political party to political party. So, the boat of a future towards Utopia, is essentially sunk.

The Rise of Utopia?

The rise can happen, we are looking at 2 major principals of need & want for the people.
Sustainance; including Food & Accomodation; easily provided for whether by self sufficiency or other.
Education; easily provided for with the advent of either the Internet and/or books for learning.
I'm not bringing the pre-paid wage into these principals, as in reality, it's not really a necessity, rather a form of a decent economic structure which can be afforded to all the people, along the way towards a true Utopia. A true Utopia should not require money to exist.

The Starvation Answer

Now, that the Industrial Complex is in charge of our future like a leech we cannot remove, the only way to kill the leech is to starve it out.
By starving out the Industrial complex, we have to starve out their income, "obviously". Their incomes arise from each and every shopping journey; that's above and beyond a person's needs. (Trump's Gain as an Industrialist, started with a shopping journey to his Casino and Hotel.)
The only answer is to eliminate our wants of further decadence.
Where existing decadent items, already filling the majority of our homes,
are to be further known as... "The final purchase's from the Industrialists."
In this way, we bring "Armageddon" to them. & Yes, they melt away, into the crowds of obscurity, too powerless and too penniless to continue their wrath of ownership over the people.
So... when I say,"Stop Shopping & Close Down their Factories", I really mean it. It's the only way for us to grab hold of our direction again; by removing the blood-sucking leech of a War Machine, that's been obscuring our Future.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Queen of France

Chart for Bi-Weekly Payments for Mortgages

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Bi-Weekly Payments for Mortgages

This is just a quick spreadsheet, once the correct dates, and basic monthly amounts, are set into it. It helps those on a set income, in order for them to pay their mortgages while saving. The bi-weekly is faster to pay off vs monthly, however it can be confusing as to when and if the savings will be there for those 2 extra payments per year. So, this spreadsheet just offers that information, while also allowing for a portion to be allocated towards the principal every month.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Queen of France

The Gaul: As the Bloodshed from their "Action" Continues

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Getting Listy

Brave Heart AMAZON.COM ; I have a "TOP TEN" for YOU.
Sept. 6th: The Personal Residences are still on show for many sellers.
The Effects from this 1 wave of only a set of computer commands; "To Release the Sellers Residential ID for PUBLIC VIEW and GATHERING"
1) Public View to Anyone: Even Prisoners in Prison.
2) Supporting that Webcrawlers can quickly and easily obtain our Residential ID along with the Products held therein.
3) NON-Ecological Warfare Against our Planet, pushing PO BOX usage, thereby increasing Pollution.
4) PO BOX usage, drives up local & federal taxations further to all citizens, as we will have to pay for new POST OFFICES to be buiIt for the current tally of: over 3.5 million active sellers within the US; with 3000 New Sellers Per Day, this 2020.
5) Driving up city taxation for street and roadworks, due to the excessive “daily” road use.
6) Driving up our Home Insurance Policies, due to the increased risk of Theft.
7) Driving up Policing costs within our neighborhoods as we are on view, for any robbery gangs to monopolize upon.
8) Driving up car insurance & car repair costs for each seller who chooses to use a PO BOX.
9) As Paranoia for each Seller increases, Gun Ownership will also increase, meaning Amazon.con is supporting Gun Ownership, in lieu of fair and equitable business practices.
10) Increasing Medical Cost from the stress of "living without privacy"; given to sellers across the US and the world.

Forced Containment of

Enough said, Amazon is proving by this action to be an abuser; An Abuser not only it’s sellers; but to the citizens of the USA, and the Planet we live upon.
What a Business Monster: That has to be Contained, Controlled and Brought into the light of our current directive; "SAVE OUR PLANET from EXCESSIVE RESOURCE USAGE".
Where are the Fines Right Now! Today, being issued at by Governments around the World?


Just play sleep until your dead "citizens of the world". Why care 1 iota more, aside from your own gather of materialism, why bother to care.
Hateful HUMANS, that deserve a COVID virus to wipe them out; off the face of this Earth!

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Queen of France

Business Rapists

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Residential ID

After many days of my blogging and this mornings vlog; against the machine called amazon, they have retracted the sellers addresses and names from public view on their website. What is sad is just that, why would I have had to go to these efforts in order to make them act as a fair business.
Time will tell if they can adhere to keeping our privacy. Perhaps this lesson learned is a big one for their leadership.
--- However, external pushes are there for Amazon, from companies and persons with big pockets, who prefer for us to have no privacy at all. Then there are the competition disturbers, from businesses that prefer the mix of sellers to be Only large companies. So, we have to be vigilant and keep these fortune monsters such as Amazon, under our watch.
Our Privacy as sellers is so very important to fair business practices. Else, a person living in sub-standard housing already, may start losing sales from the segregation of "Looks like a bad neighborhood from that seller" So the person who was trying to succeed, would automatically fail. Aside from many other reasons as well.

Original Blog: Before they Retracted our Residential Addresses from Public View.

Since this Internet has begun, we have had the priviledge of our privacy
Along with our rights to not have our Name and Home Address listed online for the world to see.
There are reasons for that privacy, reasons that protect each one of us from possible harm.
AMAZON has gone too far, they have obstructed our justice as individuals and levied our personal safety away.
We must immediately create a law against this abomination of personal infringement. So this can never happen again.
This is NOT yet an official police state, we are supposedly still entitled to our inalienable rights of dignity and privacy.
What WORLD ORDER has deemed this necessary for their construed needs?
The sellers are trapped ready to be victimized, with all their items already listed for the world to purchase. Now, those items can easily be offered to any robber gang that wants to rob our houses.
I presume this "WARLORD" named also pushes gun ownership, and police control along with the paranoia given to sellers.
The title: "Warlords from Hell" still stands, however, it's too flimsy now isn't it, it's ust too comic book style and almost classed as fun.
They're just pure Evil, bringing unrest into our hearts and minds.
A group of persons who prefer not to enter into Utopia but rather, a group of persons who prefer to create wars, and bring innocent persons to their deaths, by robberies and perpetuating fear.

Queen of France

Warlords from Hell

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

As the Saga Continues


This issue has been resolved, only because I found the error, that caused it. A malicious cookie, created by amazon itself was only allowing FBA pages to be shown. However, this blog is still an interesting rant of a read.


Unbelieveable, the audacity of this MEGA GIANT WARLORD and all of its minion workers.
The bastards, have removed my normal "View Orders" page, the page that has all the history for my orders, for the past 5 years.
Now, the page is empty, saying ..."Fulfilled by Amazon". Like some type of controlling cheerleader.
When does this stop!!, They have so many people working there, and yet they choose to hassle the sellers without FBA services "to death".
"FBA" for those of you who are newbies; FBA Accounts are Fulfillment centers. Where people send items to them, which sit on the fulfillment centers shelves instead of your own in-home shoppe.
AT the center, MANY charges occur extra to anyone who uses the service. Charges for Storage, for Storage, and for more Storage!
It's Not possible for most people to sell all of their items within 6 months .... like an El Cheapo Cargo Container full of crappy Plastic TOYS from Shanghai, China.
They have people that have already tried to blow up their headquarters, so Why in the Hell are they picking on me? They're An ABUSIVE Company.
Knowing full well I cannot ever in my lifetime move away, to any other online selling service as I am already sensing that I've gone partially blind.
Just Bastards and Assholes, Killing decent people one day at a time, with their crappy hateful business practices against the Individual Seller who doesn't use their expensive storage routine.

Queen of France

As the Warlord's Kill Continues

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Online Death

Along goes the prophecy that "Inherent in man, evil lives, & without evil we would prosper as intellectuals and be decent persons;
persons who could step up to the plate and renew their world rather than kindle it into the dust.

With Each Day

In this 2020, another online day passes, passes just like it has for over 30 years. For 30 years the business of take has already been won. A certain few have risen above the others to manifest their livelyhoods above all others.
The others have sunken into the name called the "Hectic Middle Class" and the "Impoverished Technical Class".

The Warlords of Industry

The game of control, by the warlords of our online industry, continues just as had in 3000 BC in ancient China.
I hesitate to call them an Online Industry, when in reality they are Industry.
For what is purchased on a grand scale is sought after through them. They foster and provide the offerings called "Products" to each and every human who so desires the purchase.

The Entrepeneur

Where the Warlords of Amazon and Ebay have allowed the pawn-off of our items without any compensation leftover for a rebuy of inventory. The entrepenuer has been nothing but a garage sale with nothing left in the end, but his or her knowing of fail.
The Warlords of owned databases containing our possessions did not have a consiousness other than "SELL". Even better if "SELL" is constructed through the Storage Keeping Warehouses offered by the Warlords themselves. Thusly, more money for their Infernal Evil to continue. Yes. Infernal Evil, because they have left the populations destitute and denuded of possibilities in order to continue. The only continuance left for each Hectic Middle Class is to keep on downgrading their lifestyle and possessions into the dust. Until that Hectic Middle Class becomes..."The Impoverished Technical Class".

3000 BC

When Warlords relegated their Evil with Inducers and whips to control the men and women into submission and doing, today is no different.
The whip we feel is the constant typing, instead of spackling a fortress wall, the constant have to ship out on-time, instead of building their former pyramids on-time.
Each waking breath, the online seller knows the work as an underling, is pending. The work as a kept fancy of possession of theirs, called, "another online seller".
The Sellers cannot call themselves Entrepenuers any longer, as they are merely another with possessions for the Warlords to parade with in their gain of stature. Their collection of offerings available through their domain, their country of a website, their region of world dominance.
As the Warlords call themselves couth and cultured, while lifting their pinkies during their exquisite dinners and feasts, travelled too by their limousines and helicopters, the Warlords trinket with us in jest.
The peons called warehouse workers who couldn't afford or study hard enough to be educated, are all "theirs" as workers now, aren't they? As are all the failed online sellers of misfortune, as they take the sad walk into a "Storage Warehouse of Online Products", downgraded into being a lowly warehouse worker.
People have become the commodity of these Warlords, with their containment of fortune Known. "How many workers, did you say?"
A conversation that singes the ears of the so-called wannabee "Self-Sufficient Humans". The humans who desired to be free from the construct of Warlording Monopolies controlling their lives.

Free Online Advertising? Not Really

In closing today, on this "another business day gone awry"; in my last attempt to advertise.
I have reduced all of my 10 published books into a .01 penny profit; on those for sale outside of the USA.
Within the USA, the base line have-to amount, forced by online publishers of both Kindle and Amazon's Paper Publishing is at least 1-2 dollars in royalties.
Meaning, as there is no further reduction possible for the USA offered books, my advertising and "Get My Name Out", moment within the USA, is slim to none.
Only worldwide; in Europe, Mexico, Canada and Japan can they be offered at a bare minimum of only .01 penny in royalty.
Due to "NO SALES": My New Base-line Pricelist for The USA:
(Coloring Books: Apparently my non-controversial coloring books have been held from reductions; by someones's overly high nose on my account.)

Friday, September 4, 2020

Queen of France

As the Dream Falls Away

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.
Under the guise of being personal,
I was just a woman who wanted to sell her artwork online.
The selected website, had all the trappings, ready for some type of income earning potential specifically for me. So, I signed up to about 5 years ago.
I re-organized by profit potential to sell prints of my artwork. All of which I deemed as normal procedure in order to garner an online wage. I ordered glass and acrylic to create frames around each print, even expensive black artist tape to bind them all together.
Then, by hand I put wire and loops for them to hang on the walls.
They've been ready for sale and online for over 4 years, & with not one bite.
I call this an attempted murder against me. An online misappropriation of selectivity that has brought me into further poverty and neglected me as an individual by not allowing me to sell my art fairly on the open market.
Today, I sent a wierd plea-type-of-note into their feedback machine:
"Why do you limit Artists?
Why do you only qualify RICH people who can afford a REGISTERED TRADEMARK in order to create a Brand Name just to sell a print.
For 4 years I've had 50 prints listed on Amazon, and not 1 of them has sold. No Brand Name in the search for them. Your company is too financially hurtful to me. Who are you people?
Are you machines that only allow Chinese products and RICH people with Registered Trademarks to sell?
Why do you want so may impoverished homeless people?"
I still hold my held high, but if my funds* run out, I'm ready for my death. I am not a child here with dreams into forever. Or living by some religious; "Help me, Help me, code". Their religious "GOD" response is even a further push towards getting out of this existence. Their push is so fake and bitterly false to me, that with each lie they spew I hate them even more.
I'm not able to commit to being homeless. Therefore, I will be one of those, that choses a death with dignity rather than a life left-over as a street victim, as a woman raped constantly and wrapped in her own filth. That's not a life to be lived for me.
Nor is it a life for me, to compensate my ideals and nod my head with the religious followers on their sainted path of, "We're all saved, loved and adored".
There just are limits, of the hurts and agonies one can feel, while still wanting to continue. Earning a living from my art prints was a step away from that direction, towards a decent survival. Where "I" like any other, do also require some type of "Pavlov's Cookie" in reward, especially, after all the work entailed.
This Amazon monopoly has just pushed me too far, where the essence of being a human that's allowed to earn an online living has been denied to me for too long. No need to yell, "Ebay" at me either, that's another needle in a haystack website for any art print.
Meanwhile, Amazon is of course pushing the "Masters", Van Gogh, etc., instead of those artists that are currently alive and living.
What's even non-funnier; are all my "Rich aquaintances" who "Love God", like a constant baptist church revival on crack.
Then, there's the other's; the "Too Rich" aquaintances, who live so snottily that even if I killed myself; they would only blink an eye for a moment and then go about their day as normal. I have the most "non-understanding of who I am"; as a set of aquaintances in the world perhaps.
They are possibly too mentally disturbed by their own wealth, or religious pastimes; in order to be able to communicate with them normally.
Then... I even released 50 online cd singles & mixed sets, with "Distrokid", with my cheap microphone; at over 50 yrs old, all arias. Yet, that online effort keeps hitting me in the face also. I especially loved the statement given that the arias held under that title or music composition have already been listed by another singer. Where only 1 singer is allowed to sing an Opera aria, and sell it online.
Before all the singing releases; I wrote over 7 books all on sale via amazon, with varied topics. Still no income. Truly unbelievable the disdain over my life, that has been thrown at me from amazon.
There's a point where, the online world has an ego so bound to a certain few; those who can afford Registered Trademarks and those who can afford to buy their artwork pre-framed; with the hope of a chance they might sell the printed canvases they've purchased; as they stack up in their "successful" garages.
Amazon has been evil to me, running its preferences to only Rich spoiled artists who can pay those Trademark fees.
It's not only Amazon either, every site I've attempted to make a living from has failed. society6; redbubble; zazzle; kindle books, shutterstock; 500px; and so forth. There's only so much 1 human being can do in the attempt to succeed. Thus far, it has only been a constant fail.
If you were in a constant online earnings fail for 5 years, perhaps you too would understand my current state of logic.
Meanwhile, major conglomerates, hire for minimum wage or even less, using their clout of price wars to become featured.
The site supports them, the major corporations only. The little person cannot survive under their tactics of unfair business practices and greed. It's sheer Greed to ask for $40.00 a month from a single individual, and they know it. That $40 pays for more advertising, pays for buy boxes and pays for higher rankings for all their listings. $40 a month is $480.00 per year. A big company doesn't care, but the people like me who can only make a sell now and then, obviously cannot compete with them.
What a joke, where my eyes have been exposed to this constant drudgery of a computer and its databases, wasting the last years of my life, as a computer slave.
It's too vicious a life, against the individual.
*Financial Info: I am currently under $200.00 in my bank account. with $1200.00 set aside for my father's funeral costs.
I fully expect that each dollar I officially transposed away to the mortgage company for the loan held under my father's dear name; will be usurped from me. Regardless that I'm actually the known property owner and property tax payer with the state. Usurped from me, because I will not be able to pay the mortgage; due to, and the other online sites of fail.
So, all my years of sequestered keeping of my father; as his caregiver, would be just that, with no chance of a financial gain. No matter the forfeits I have taken during those years by being entirely frugal. That robbery would be from the mortgage company; demanding me upon his death; to have a career worthy enough to re-qualify the loan. Otherly, that fast-sell sits on their wanting lips, within 1-2 months of my father's passing.
Meanwhile, my only tactic left... is modifying his diet so that he lives longer. So, maybe by then, the mortgage will finally be paid off, and the mortgage company will not win.
Today, my latest question arises from myself to my father, "Is it time yet, to put you to bed in the living-room? Just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... So, during the upcoming days and possible years of your life remaining; you're not alone in your bedroom and just idly talking to yourself?"
Financially though, my luxury of time supposedly exists; yet it's an uncertain time, an undependable time, a time that sometimes frights me... that it may be over, as my father could very simply be another person known as "dead".
As a woman, I've resigned myself away from the relegated normal of enchantment with a male counterpart. While, trying not to see myself with: "visually unappealing", being their concocted reason of my exhausting celibacy. Luckily, existentialism does exist, and my yogi thoughts can go higher, without a spouse ever needing to be present.
Then, melancholically, I pester my Artist self again; "Should I draw", when there's no Pavlov's Reward? I hesitate another day, and the paper is still blank. "Why try?" begs the question. "Just to fill the alcoves of my closets?", For what reason, "Why, would I want to even give 1 ounce of myself towards the financial pockets of others after my life, when my financial pockets in the during have been so provingly denied. "

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Queen of France

Amazing Grace from the Dead

Amazing Grace from the Dead

Today, as morbid has entered into the game of earning an income...
I speak not of a mortuary normal,
but of the mortuary of books on this dear internet of books gathered.
A salvage gain from each near-homeless person to garner a wage.
Gathered from "Death Houses", houses that still ramble, rattle & speak, the voices of the dead.
Young men and women of unfortunate circumstances, pushed into the estates for "look-see" and maybe a free book to claim.
Hurry, young Americans and ruin yourselves further into this economy called the Online USA.
Hurry and sweep the dust & cobweb's away, and "work to" remove those books from their clenched skeletal hands. Hurry, before the Thrift Store Trucks rumble near & swoon-in.

The Vampires

The Vampires in our midst, are the online book stores one-and-all.
Amazon as the keeper with the greatest call.
A call of fortune made quickly from the dead.
Where greed in acquiring has been their mechanism.
As the smell of death dissipates & more cobweb's are rifted through,
gains are further paid into Amazon & the thrift store's portions.
As the main price-maker of this internet has another toast,
"to propelling poverty further on", knowing full well when each seller dies, they will get even more than most.
Each seller's coffin will be filled & readily piled sky-high with books,
& this "New" Grinch doesn't even have to haul them away,
No, he has the pawns & peons, of the desperate poor,
pry books from sojourning seller's, that are discovered as dead.
What economy is this? One where "Unethical" is the biggest allow.
An economy where "New" can be sold fraudulently; as a 20-yr old book.
An economy where the seller cannot choose a higher selling price. Prices are blocked & higher prices are forbidden.
An economy where the chance of buying a used book to resell a book, means it cannot even be listed for sale. "The Amazon Price Alert Blocker", says so.
An economy where Canada was allowed to dis-embark 1/2 of it's trees, for the chance of being tossed-out, sponsored by the de-valuation by "Amazon's" thrift-store allow; where the pittance of .50 cents is their new "cash cow".
An economy that excites in only possibly buying a .50 cent book, and even that beleaguered price is too costly for most.
An economy that indentures servant China into being a constant shipping channel to forever destroy our natural world.
All the follower stores did it also; proving they could cheapen and destroy the book market down into the dust.
Is there a laugh here? As my garage empties out online; without any chance of a replace, and each one of us; can only look forward, to being... "the new forced minimal", with only the stars above to trust.
What a ruin to Florence and her Nightingale, as Amazon opens it's eyes each night, "What bounty, did I today so freely acquire? How many coffins in take, do I have more on this day; tell me the titles... so, that I may trend them away."
Only the dead can rattle thier chains out loud; This online economic poor cannot dare to utter a word against the vampires anymore.
What a glorious business model; "Blood-Thirsty Vampire's",
to each and every little seller that tries.
Let the prices fly and stop fleecing our lives!
& get your nose out of my coffin of books, besides.