Royaume de France

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Queen of France

A poem from Therese: In the Wiles, of a Care-Takers Winter

In the Wiles, of a Care-Takers Winter

Need I say more, as the cold blasts through the window panes.
Rocked hull, called house, that banquets in frigid's sorrows,
Care-taker of fountains, wind-swept bleak into agonies,
Rose bush tender, do you drink the wine?
What chance is heat?
Where forbidden icy rains, tart and trickle away,
each days new dreams,
lost to the flails of abuse,
from another dedicated French winter day.
What dessert am I tasting,
under this dragon wind
of banishment.
Oh No, little Winter Warrior,
do not ever play to tame this France.
It lives to underpin your comforts,
remove you from your equities
and destroy your eloquent beauty.
Ban the Chancer,
who dangles, heavy carrot-ed keys of keep,
"For Winter also, and it's not too Steep."
Care-taker, sweet tender of the roses,
quiet partaker of the wine,
why harbor 'neath, nature's wailes,
as it beguiles its torture
and further sends gales?
Ah, to roof and provide?
of course,
"My house then, my house, can you tend to my house?"
Young shy, of innocent fancies, called care-take...
Never tell her, she will drown, under it's weight,
Covered sky, winds of relentless own,
Cancelled dreams, it will be a past-life for her,
no more will she know, the pleasant and the fun.
After her brow's been beaten,
by the French Countryside that won,
whether, she lives near,
or whether she lives far,
She will only ever be
without her vibrant sun.
A Dark-sorrowed self,
kept place called heart,
a woman cheated,
by nature's ego,
brutalized, disheartened and done.

Therese Vaux de la Fontaine

Friday, April 12, 2019

Queen of France

Amazon's Favoritism Policy is Defrauding Innocent Sellers

Amazon's Policy towards the Buyers
"The Customer is Always Right",
sends thieves to the Sellers

The New ATM from Amazon!

An easy money-making journey for thieves, has been found online,
available through
Thieves just buy an item; then Rob the Seller by getting a refund; then they make a "Robber's Resale" for cash.

The Set-up

They Buy a book, Say they didn't order that type.
Then keep it.
They file an A-Z Claim, stating "They didn't get a refund, from the Seller".
Amazon proudly agrees with Buyer, and in a demanding email tone,
tells the Seller to pay a refund, or else.
For the thief, it's as easy as pie!
For me it's not, it's very confusing,
being robbed by Amazon and its Customer.
I trusted this major company
was going to be fair and equitable, to the Buyers and the Sellers.
20$ book ---------------> it sold and went to the buyer
-----------------------------> $20 Book is with the buyer
20$ paid to the seller <-----from the buyer
-----------------------------> $20 book is still with the buyer
A-Z demanded refund------> $20 returns to the buyer
-----------------------------> Buyer also has the Book, worth $20.00
The Seller has $0, No Book or Money.
The Seller was Robbed: a book value of $20
and the Seller receives a Derogatory Report, to hinder future sales.
Total Loss to the Seller = $20.00
Total Gain* to the Buyer Thief = $20.00
*after the purchase cost was refunded.
The Thief NEVER returned the book.
The thief kept the book,
to sell it, or have someone else sell it, for $20.00 or more.
Within 3-5 months,
After the book is again sold, $20 dollars, arrives in the thieves bank account.

The Most Hurtful Thief, is From Princeton University

His name is Jeff Bezos, he is in charge of Amazon, and this is his Policy.
He sponsors a Policy,
that not only allows theft to occur to one Seller, but to all Amazon Sellers.
He is the accomplice, and thereby a thief as well.

The After-Effects

Creation of Thieves, A World of Thieves, A Chance of becoming a Thief
Sponsored by Amazon
Innocent Sellers, are pushed further into Poverty,
as their items are stolen, and they give up selling.
Mega-Conglomerates, accept the thieves, building it further into their costs.
They remain as Sellers, and yes,
they will sell right along with the new "Robber Sellers" themselves.

Remaining Occupations

Work in either a Factory, a Mega Store, or be a Thief.

Rice Patties are Us

The Innocent, cringe away, and work in the fields.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Queen of France

A Bodhi MacBook Air Installation: Step by Step : (with instr. included for those formatting via Linux)

Turning a Macbook Air (1.1 from 2008) into a Gnu Linux Bodhi 5.
Starting with a Linux (Bodhi, Ubuntu,etc) system, to format your installation stick.

Proceed at your own risk

As prior files stored on the Mac could be lost in the process.
Other hindrances, wifi and the default grub configuration are not always compatible, I have listed many good options, however, the grub configuration may have to be updated occasionally due to other updates, etc. All-in-all, the system is more considerably more stable with ethernet.

A Bodhi OS

The Installation is for a Bodhi 5 app pack. This version has the least problems,
leaving only 2 boot errors and happily include the suspend when lid closed feature.
2 other distros also achieve similar results,
namely XUbuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 18.04*.
(*Also works with a minimal or normal Ubuntu, available with the standard iso for 18.04 64-AMD)
however, they had problems with lid-suspend and a few more boot errors:
Starting out with a smaller system like Bodhi is better,
as too many exotic applications could bring upsets to the original installation process.
Add them on later, and avoid system takeover programs like dconf editors and Compiz,
etc, as the system has to first be working, without any strange errors being included.
Because, just after the installation, it starts with a loud CPU issue, (which is subsequently fixed, see below)
it's better not to over-tax your system with more, until the CPU is finally quieted down.
After completion, then add your favorite major programs, libreoffice, gimp, etc.
The Completed Bodhi Mac Airbook is still a little slow-to-boot, 1-2 minutes. (even after using the grub changes shown below, to quicken the boots).
Before the grub file changes occur, the boot time was 3-5 minutes.

Time Required to Install

The install can take anywhere from 2-5 hours, more time if you have problems with your original USB installer stick.

Formatting the USB Stick

Use Gparted to wipe out any former mentions of a partition or an operating system.
Then Format in GUID only, which is also known as "GPT", instead of MS DOS.
The stick is only for the Installation program itself, not for other files.
Therefore, better to use a smaller USB, of 8GB or less.

The USB OS Installer Stick

For the Installation use, either USB Creator or UNetbootin,
add in a copy of the new OS iso, and the USB becomes an OS installer after a few minutes.

To the Macbook Air itself:

Assuming you have a hard drive there with an old partion,
Start The Mac and press your Option key,
Your EFI boot screen will load in after a while.
If the EFI boot screen does not appear,
start with the installer stick at boot,
and press the obnoxious power-on and option key together,
after 30-60 seconds, then EFI boot screen should appear.

At the EFI Boot Screen

At this time, plug in your Bodhi USB and Ethernet cable to a USB extender hub.
If you don't have a USB extender hub during the install, well, it does get a bit tenuous.
The Macbook Air has a small Ethernet-USB contraption,
and the USB extender usually has 4-5 ports,
one for the ETH USB and one for the USB Installer.
Once, I had Ethernet unplugged at the router, and even used a MS_DOS formatted USB by mistake,
it returned broken pipes, it just brought in a mega-slow boot and seized to a halt.
So, it's always better to use the GPT formatted version, and have the Ethernet active.
I just bypass the EFI Boot "wifi password field",
as my Ethernet is working, and wifi needs to be re-installed anyway.
but if you're without Ethernet and Wifi is available go ahead and use it.
Better though get the BCWM 43 cutter firmware (supports lots of wifi) downloaded,
via the "TRY Bodhi" installation terminal prompt,
and then save it to a another USB stick to reinstall later.
I'm dyslexic, so these types of Ethernet instructions are no fun.

The Install

The load time is very slow,
for either Try Bodhi or Install Bodhi, just be patient.
The Try Bodhi, does allow for a re-partition option
via the terminal for gparted, that's usually not needed though,
because a partition manager is already included with the installation.

Installing with Bodhi's "Something Else" Option

EFI for 600 MB

Format as EFI Boot (It think it says EFI restore or recovery, it's not the bios boot one)

EXT4, Primary, /, approx. 40,000 MB

Saving some free space, for another partition, if available.

Swap for 2400 MB

(probably should be in increments on 1024),
set it as Logical, End of Disk
With the Boot Drive; set to the new partition,
ie ADA Sda or ADA Sdb
Just leave any of the other partitions there, they can be deleted later, after the install is successful.
If you did resize to make space, you most likely will lose the data from the older partition(s).
If you could not save the older partitions data before starting the install, and you want the data,
stop, rethink, try to copy it somehow, before proceeding. Search out for that info.
***If other Swap Partitions exist...
Set them to "Do Not Use This Partition"

Press Install

3 formats should conclude, prior the install,
After 20 minutes or so exit and remove the USB when the program says so, and reboot.

It seems a Fail! ...Slow boot & It's running louder... Off To The Completion Stage Then!

Your boot starts from the white screen into Bodhi as it was set as Primary /.
It loads slowly, to the main OS screen, now to all the fixes, as listed below:

The Fixes

Fix # 1 :Install another Terminal

sudo apt install gnome-terminal
Just because the cut and paste, is functioning easier

Fix # 2: No Wifi:

With Ethernet plugged-in and working:
sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source
sudo apt update
resist the sudo upgrade option, and wait til later.
sudo update-pciids
sudo apt install firmware-b43-installer
sudo service network-manager restart
To assure Wifi stays connected on reboots without Ethernet:
sudo ifconfig wlan0* or eno1* up
sudo service network-manager restart
exit 0
save the file.
Where either wlan0 or enol1; could be your wifi call-throughs.
no reboot yet...

Slight Upset may occur with Ubuntu Installs: if the Modem-Router is Unplugged

The Wifi modem/router itself, might have to be turned-on before the boot sequence begins.
I believe Bodhi always finds wifi on suspend wake ups.
(However, I have had problems with Ubuntu returning into wifi, needing a reboot.)
If the router/modem is disconnected and then reconnected
during an online session,
Then, the wifi connection re-establishes again as normal, without a reboot required.
So, if you installed Ubuntu instead, and you unplug the router from the wall every night,
or a maid removes the router connections, and your machine is powered-off.
Plug-in the modem/router first, before you reboot your machine.

(Wifi instructions elsewhere: with the same instructions:
one useful site is:

Fix # 3 : add the fan program mbpfan

sudo apt install mbpfan
sudo systemctl enable mbpfan.service
One good thing is: the fan program puts the Macbook into normal quiet,
On bad thing is: boot time appears to take a little longer.

Fix # 4: Overloaded Kworker ACPI:

From Root
# grep . -r /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/
# crontab -e
@reboot echo "disable" > /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/gpe17
save & close the file
# echo "disable" > /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/gpe17

Confirming Graphics

sudo lshw -c video | grep 'configuration'
confirm -i915
This is if you use, the second grub option below, for i915.

Fix # 5: To The Grub Boot:

For some reason, the OS install with wifi,
seems to hinge upon these grub settings,
and the above fix of the rc.local, and this combo of the grub...helped them all behave.
sudo nano /etc/default/grub
"text hpet=disable irqpoll acpi_osi=\"Linux\" acpi_sleep=nonvs video=SVIDEO-1:d" ,
has been the most stable, and thus far preferred.
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text hpet=disable irqpoll acpi_osi=\"Linux\" acpi_sleep=nonvs video=SVIDEO-1:d"

Add a Grub Menu image


Fix # 6: Powertop

sudo apt install powertop
sudo powertop -calibrate (with battery only)

Fix # 7: To Suspend on Lid Closed

Display blank-out, is as normal, it's just the lid issue.
Suspend works, and upon resume, if the cursor crashes on wake, it shouldn't anymore, yet if it does
use power-off or hibernate instead.
A blank out screen given requires the power-on button to be pushed, to restore.
This lid suspend issue, is the most problematic of the install thus far.
sudo cp /etc/systemd/logind.conf /etc/systemd/logind.conf.back
sudo nano /etc/systemd/logind.conf
systemctl restart systemd-logind.service

Fix # 8: Turn off apport

$ sudo nano /etc/default/apport
Save and restart
$ sudo service apport restart

Fix # 9: Relax and Reboot

The old boot errors:
modsign couldn't get uefi db list
drm atomic helper drm kms flip
most likely becomes:
modsign couldn't get uefi db list
Invalid PCI ROM header
Some people suggest Calibrating Powertop again, 2-4 more times,
I found this unnecessary with Bodhi.

Fix # 10: Upgrade

and the long wanted ...
sudo apt upgrade can now be used.

Fix # 11: UFW firewall

Controversial if really needed.
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw allow 21
sudo ufw allow 22
sudo ufw allow 443
sudo ufw reload
sudo ufw status
& Other apps can be installed,
I installed gnome-session-flashback
which is sometimes easier for elderly people,
as the screen icons are placed at the bottom.
Plus, it's less-resource intensive.
Ready for instant movie watching, Bodhi includes Chrome and Midori.
Powering off, it takes about 30 seconds - 1 minute. Otherwise, Suspend with closed lid 5-15 seconds

Congratulations! if you made it this far.

If you still have a mac partition, you could delete it, and install Ubuntu over its partition.
via the same Ubuntu Installer USB.

A Possible Fix # 12: A Saucy TLP for battery maintenance, (I currently am not using it.)

sudo apt update
sudo apt install tlp
sudo nano /etc/default/tlp
to open the tlp file; edit & add 1 line to the following fields:
Restart TLP:
sudo /etc/init.d/tlp restart

A no-Fix # 13 that fails: That old Mac Movie Woe, may still remain, though...

When movies on Firefox and Wifi are somehow disconnected,
and the swirly circle loop occurs.

One stated fix:
Set up IP6 to Link-Local instead of Automatic, via the Network Manager.
However, it's not helping, as it slows down the boot and brings wifi issues.

Fix # 14 A Busy Box Lockout:

If after many reboots and shutdowns later
In one case, with Ubuntu, an extra Firefox couldn't be shutdown,
during the reboot, the journal became corrupted.
Bringing the boot into the busybox prompt of initramfs
enter fsck /dev/sda2 (if that is your primary boot: sda1/sda2/sda3)
and answer yes.

Back to Saving the World... from Becoming a Garbage Dump

All-in All, of the 5.3 million Macs sold thus far,
it looks good, that they can be refurbished --- through-to-Linux,
rather than thrown away, due to their former upgrade incompatibilities.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Queen of France

The Army Against

When an army of people is against one person:

There are normally reasons to hate, and sometimes rewards are given to the haters.

Onto the reasons:
--------Truth and Lies
Reasons can be wimpy truths elaborated upon
and reasons can be complete and total lies.
Reasons from pure truths, are a difficult proof,
as they most likely "hearsay" and not a witnessed event by the hater.

If the reason was witnessed by the hater,
they often change the story, to suit their side,
where their additive of including extra drama, is added into the story.
Where the reasoned story builds into even further embellishments.

Often reasons they hate could be stemmed from lies,
from another's manipulation tactics,
where the follower to those persons,
goes along with anything the manipulator says,
whether or not it is justified or proven.

My question next is;
why are the followers of "any" supposed reason given,
so eager to follow a manipulator?

Are they under his or her spell? As if in a trance like a Moonie,
where full dedicated worship and devotion goes only to that manipulator.

The crude call away from the followers being in a zombie trance
as "Yes men or Yes women",
is that the reason lies in the hope of a monetary compensation,
to be received somewhere along the way.

It could be that when the attacker causes harm to the innocent person,
he or she will be released from debts or briberies,
as a surety in insurance for themselves.

If the reason held against the person,
is not for "monetary" nor as a "zombie follower",
then the person delivering hatred has other alterior motives.

Motives that are personal, can become extremely dangerous for the victim.

They could use, "God" or their version of a God stereotype,
as their reason to be against another.
My God, does not allow "such and such",
therefore you are condemned under the eyes of "My Lord".
"and I am fully justified to do his bidding."

Attack motives could lead to be serial,
where not only you are the victim,
but also others who fit your profile.

Many held motives can bring hatred to a level, that is beyond compassion,
to a level that is capable of murder or the major cause of suicide,
to the person they are against.

If they want the person to be suicidal or commit suicide.
Then the grudge held is so great,
that they deem their significance as a human being imbued with hatreds, as higher,
and more just than laws or any other ethical standards.

Other things to look for,
is how easy the personal hatred types can be manipulated by others,
others who may have insurance contracts held on the sole person of innocence.

Their reason could also be hidden under political,
in that case, it could be that the "opponent" goes too far:
as to want the person impoverished,
surrounded by lies against creating even more hatred attackers.

When bullying begins towards one person on a political level,
there is an even larger group that will rally with them,
and be on their side.

In some cases as high as 50% of the population,
known as being supposedly "with them".
Therefore with political reasons, they are fully protected in their hatred against.


Monday, June 18, 2018

Queen of France

Utopian Ruiners

Another letter sent to Animal Experimenters:

Please stop your blatant cruelty to animals and find another career.
There is a war against you and others like you; a war that will not stop until all the animals are freed from their spent tortures, inflictions and agonies and further animal incarcerations, a war brought on to stop all abusive people touting "in the name of Science".
Disdain forever wears itself on your person, this garment of disdain, sounds a warning to others, a warning you can never shed.
Try to huddle together with your putrid kind and well even better, as the war in our midst, finds and identifies your group as evil persons, even sooner.
There is no comfort for you in this life, only penance with constant verification of your past deeds, that you have been completely evil. Not even then, will any gates of heaven be your available either.
Persons who re-create Hell are evil. Identify yourself as such and just maybe as your days of breath finds themselves shorter, you might get a few more.
Personally I don't care, if you can ever sleep at night again. What fools the others are, to even garner you the extra effort of gaining any rest.
You will totally and completely be known as a person who has inflicted animal cruelty until your dying day and the subsequent thereafter.
Not an epitaph of a life, one normally regimes to be known as.
I wonder the why, in your Hell re-creation, and realize you are a mere foster child of Religion.
As without Hell, Religion is not required.

Utopian Ruiners.

Utopian Ruiners, Stay away from me;

This letter is from the Animal Freedom Fighter;
Therese Vaux de la Fontaine

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Queen of France

Ubuntu 18.04 goes 64

Hey, I have a i686 though.

Well in the land of overdone installation tries, I first installed the 18.04 beastie 64amd.
I thought it was Not recommended, as it seemed to over-run the fan on my system, so installed the flavours (shown below), then returned back to amd. with dual primaries and a grub that allows: (I found this associated link which thwarted my entire day, back to amd64
The move away was to ....Lots of tiny Ubuntu's, called lighter versions and flavours:
Ubuntu Studio
After, also finding 9 bad blocks, then 39 bad blocks, which could have to do with the 64 version I initially pushed on the partition. I sent the bad blocks elsewhere, with the e2fsck -c /dev/sda# command. Which either moves the bad blocks into an inode of their own or deletes them. Then, the damaged hard drive is stopped, and cannot further damage files or folders, from those call-throughs.
The 39 blocks will still be there and stated though, via the disk app and its smart view.
Old-age written in again and again, furthers the discussion as to why is it old already? Its only been 8 years or so. Maybe it's a standard sentence given.
I am giving in and going for a laptop tlp, hopefully that will reduce the fan overheating issue.

Not happy with the flavours?

No, They have been a pain to setup, appearances, icons, audio, etc.
All seem to be from older desktop Ubuntu versions around Ubuntu version 10. The use of panels, is a long-time desktop appearances setup.
One neat thing though, is adding in a third or fourth panel on the right-hand side or middle, which can be just a window loader. (Instead of on the top or bottom), it can access windows right though other windows which can make it easier to click around for tired hands. However, my hands are already too tired from the appearance setups;
So I added onto Ubuntu Studio 18.04 with Xfce; an install of Unity, then Ubuntu-session, then gnome-session-flashback.
In the results from the last install, I have a gnome flashback session, sort-of, one that is very similar to the old Ubuntu 17.04. So, I feel like I kind of cheated the forced 64 upgrade, as I have a similar desktop. Which speeds things up again. Learning new desktops all the time deters from what I really wanted to do with the computer that day. So, the Unity add, has really helped out.
Secondly, with the Unity return and then Gnome Flashback,
the Audio has also returned;
to work very easily with the sound controls and I didn't need to install pavucontrol at all.
The external microphone works with 2 choices of digital or analog,(input and output) whereas Ubuntu Studio on its own has about 8 very confusing choices.
I could not get Ubuntu Studio to record from the external and then playback via the headset.
It kept muting out or not recording at all, depending on which pavucontrol configuration choice. Maybe my computer Ubuntu Studio & the pavucontroller just aren't ever getting along.
After a few updates and a dist-upgrade, Unity is an autoremove, and so far the Gnome session flashback has not been an issue and the audio is working, while missing all the depth in my the upper range.
Therefore, I revert back to amd 64 with my i686/i686/i686. Adding in dkms with range hopes. Done by around 3 in the morning.
All in All
I'm heading into the land of tlp, hoping for a cool down.
It is 95+ outside 80-85 inside, with a weather that doesn't help the Smart cuss at; my computers Old-Age. As the rumble of the swamp cooler sounds like a constant tumbler, and white foam spews out from its crevices and drips onto the front doorstep; What a house! That I've gotten myself into, outside of this computer machine.
In weird up-all-night dreams of the future;
I remember the dance studios of College Avenue in Berkeley Ca, where I was often a visitor in training. Many of the studios were just regular houses with dance teachers, pianos and piano players. Houses converted into wood-floored rooms, large or small, with a dance or yoga class going. Here in the hot house on this southern border of the United States; the main room could be a small dance studio one day, with a nice high ceiling. The garage could be another dance room conversion. Barres and mirrors, wood floors and marley. Then, this tiny house with high ceilings, even further wants to escalates itself into a mini-concert hall; givings piano concerts with cello and a flute.
That's all for today, folks.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Queen of France

Stop All Animal Experimentation

A letter to Animal Experimenters:

Sent to
Stop these careers altogether. They are not honorable as they inflict harm to innocent animals.
Persons who seek these vocations are not healthy human beings. They are persons who see themselves as the ultimate construct and prefer to view the planet and its inhabitants as their dominion.
Persons who experiment on animals are as heinous as serial killers.
Persons who work in the professions of animal experimentation are people who deserve nothing less than the full instatements from the judiciary courts, and prosecuted as criminals of this planet Earth.
People who raise animals; and then harm them, are no less than evil.
Did you hear me, "People who raise animals; and then harm them, are no less than evil."
As each animal is harmed by these experimenters, a hell is being unleashed to each of the scientists. A hell they cannot run from, as they know they are assasinators of good and that they are evil human beings.
Shut down every animal experiment office and clinic in the entire world. Only then can these so-called scientists begin to rectify their deeds as assailants to innocence.
Investigate no animal further, and set them free.

This is a War, against all Animal Experimentation and it's Scientists.

As the civil war; was for freedom of African Americans, to stop the evils of incarcerations.
This is also a freedom war; a war to stop the evils of incarceration for all animals, that are experimented upon or raised for experiments in the name of Science.

A War with full prosecutions,
With Non-Kind Regards,

Therese Vaux de la Fontaine

P.S.: Obviously, Stop all Animal Testing!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Queen of France

Gardening Charts for Spring and Fall


Start Your Gardens! in Zone 8

Here are my quick helper charts to start planting vegetables, in High Desert Regions.

Spring Indoors

Spring Outdoors

Fall Indoors

Fall Outdoors

The xlsx version, available to download:
Zone 8: Yearly Planting Chart, For the High Desert
If you're in another zone, the xlsx sheets can be used a basic starter template.
Thanks to, The National Garden Association for the information.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Queen of France

The Potato Monster Dog; ....Susie Returns

The Potato Monster Dog Lives On!

Truth or Fiction!

In the beginning, I didn't hesitate and named the new potato specie;
as a potato-caterpillar.
Then, as time winced in the heated sunlight, a new Potato "Dog" has shown itself, growing into much more than I previously thought possible.
The potato dog is just snoozing in the garden, like Old English Sheepdogs do.

The Potato-Dog is just like my old English; named Susie.

Leaves fromping around in her devil-may-care attitude,
as leafy curls and shoots.
Never say they are gone forever,
they return to you in the most mysterious ways.
This time, she is an Organic Potato Dog, and why not?
With each passing day, another potato puppy seems to arrive.
as the Little Golden Yukon's push their way to the surface.
Latterly, I am obliged to put them into a recipe right away,
or lose their respect as a chosen delectable.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Queen of France

Halt Pesticides: A letter to The Government

A hint of my Springtime Garden
with Organic: Carrots and Chard

My recent email sent to
Rep. Beto O'Rourke US Representative (TX16)

Unfortunately blogs aren't always in real time, therefore, the above link --- may be an old vote, by the time the web-crawler has the data available as a search-able link.
So, please use this letter or portion thereof; for future bills regarding the halt of pesticides.
Not sure you are reading this, however:
It is paramount in this decade that the afore drawn assumptions by big industry; from the past one hundred years be modified; in order to economize our persistent impact as human beings:
The notion that the world will re-heal from toxic chemical damage and pollutants with the billions of us present on its soils, has to be replaced.
Replaced with the correct and decent choices for a continued existence without further chances of: retarded children, cancers and hemaphrodites.
The consumptive chemical generations of the past 100 yrs of agricultural development, have been advertised through Big Industries commercial window via the television set.
Advertised to be infused with pesticide-laden; fruits and vegetables, grains, etc.
Advertised to chemically spray their homes and carpets, etc.
An advertisement that has damaged our healthy topsoils,
a major player in our natural ecosystem,
a damage that has even reduced our available pollinators.
The only cure back to health; is to go organic, just as our pilgrim ancestors were.
Then people will live longer life-times, rather than being reduced by ingesting non-natural or arsenic-related chemical products.
1.) One answer to planting without pesticides, lies in companion planting, which includes certain types of flowers, increasing our pollinators population.
2.) Reduce agri-farm sizes, where at least 3 vegetables are raised in one soil arena.
3.) Add certain peppers, such as cayenne, surrounding the plants edges.
The instant cure:
Go vegan and be Organic, thereby cutting down on the animal production industry.

"The lazy spread the chemicals for their days delight,
while their children fail to remember, the day from the night."

Therese Vaux de la Fontaine