Saturday, March 11, 2023

Queen of France

Digital Download Sites & My Profit-Only Trading Method: Stock Calculator

" &" & A bit about my My Profit-Only Method.

Today, I was seeking out a digital download site, specifically for my "Profits-Only" Trading sheet, also called "Stock Calculator".
I & 2 Great sites actually, very nice set-up, professional and with fair pricing structures.
Most other competition sites can overwhelmingly be obnoxious in their pricing schemes.
It's good to find these fair options.

Competition with Profit-Only?

Meanwhile today, I'm off looking at my competition and realize there really isn't any because I've simply designed a new Trading Method, where the others are only Portfolio trackers.
It is a Wow! That deserves... that people find the technique and benefit from it.
As I have been noting: Over-Buying is the number one problem with trading. My method solves that issue, and brings discipline into every new purchase. There's nothing better than knowing how many shares to buy before opening your stock ticket.
It's way too easy to just act on a whim and think to yourself, "10 shares, no no 25." Those damner changes, can really damage your account quickly.
So, with my Profit-Only Method: I was doing great, but I only began with under $10,000, while paying off a mortgage, so the little tugs and pulls at my account have upset my income potential.
Just 2 weeks ago I had built up to almost $12,000, after paying my bills and mortgage, so I know it stands as a major player in earning an income.

Proud Self

Be wary of your Proud Self, this self is often fool-hearty and too risky, allowing for Over-Buying in those most amazing "dips" ever.
Enjoy this new chance to balance out your stocks, & earn while trading.
Best Regards,
Therese Vaux de la Fontaine
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