Royaume de France: Effects of the Cosmos & Astral Id

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Queen of France

Effects of the Cosmos & Astral Id

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Freq's & Altered Consciousness :

Starting with my tip-toe-day of "fragile"...
Response from the cosmos is not only based upon location though, (as stated in my Effects of the Cosmos vlog)
it's also, ones' "Astral Id" : from elements of each (animal, person, flower, etc).
& the elements of each holds an imprinted freq. of experience, with them.
Like an onboard memory bank of elements, since birth, plus worn elements, & any recent elements in one's system.
So, holding a metal shield would effect your throughput powers, from some celestial places.
ie; A rock carried by one person for 3 yrs, would be a slightly different freq.
than the same kind of rock carried by another for 3 yrs.
Eventually, freq readings will be so "sensitive" that each of those rocks
will have a different Astral Id. for each.
Instead of the current basic value of a rock-type, ie. "turquoise", & it's combination of elements, where all the "turquoise" stones are at set the same freq.
--- Likewise, (not in this vlog), but a subjects Astral Id: whether; animal, human, or flower, etc: adds into the cosmic stream connections (which can to weaken or empower them); as well as, be used for channeling.
Hence, another reason for why I've been upset about Earth's metal becoming so available to the other planetary bodies. 3000 yrs ago, mind transfer would have been at a different level. It could be that now, we are "hot", thereby, certain cosmic channels will be much stronger. Which could effect our health as well. On the brighter side of this 2021; more Shiva's. Yet with a different range of powers. Original Indian Gods could have been heavily exposed to certain metals, like from a potter's metallurgy.
Answering, to the skills of not only Shiva's powers but Medusa also, & tons of other witch-style or magical persons from the past.
Thus, the combo of stones & metals worn or carried, plus the Earth element powers of the time, plus, other planets celestial powers, & one's location on Earth, etc; all created a powerful Shiva and Buddha, etc.

Freq key:

exact freq numbers used are just for the example.
life powers life. & stoic elements are still part of life.
freq of the planet: 30, natural freq share 30
freq of the flower: 100, natural freq share 10
freq of the human: 120, freq to the flower or planet changes upon the humans capability. meaning the human can further power* the planets & the flower.
humans current Astral Id = 30+10+120=160
(in my garden, the snap dragons are long-lived.)

Freq Shares: and acceptance

planet shares 30 with the human, flower, etc
flower shares 10 with planet and 10 with the human
human shares 20 with planet and flower
however, the acceptance of each, is based upon require, allows.
like people say,
"I need to go to the mountains to be rejuvenated, & get powered by nature." because their "here" factor is depleting them.

Out-of-balance freqs:

Uncontrollable acceptance from an Over-powered or Under-powered freq,
means their incoming power disturbs your freq range.
thereby, they're able to increase or decrease your Astral Id.
"Jupiter is in retro!"

Collecting Freq's:

1) human is born at a particular location & time, with a set cosmic & elemental history.
2) human's life experience, adds or subtracts, due to diet, thoughts,
experiences, making changes to the onboard elements, where your gold was comfortable at 27 now it's hyped at 28.

Freq of incoming planet:

of course it's more than 1 planet I just used 1 for the math example.
Also the incoming planet may change their freq over rotations of its existence.
Note that the planets freq is different depending upon your location.

Current Freq:

Each object & subject, is constantly altered due to the incoming freqs.
However, the live body-self does have a basic freq range 120-130 to sustain as being alive.
Meaning our live thoughts creating a friction event, fire up freqs. into the cosmos.

Rock Talk:

Where a rock's life is held together with its cosmic currents, its elements, and experiences,
(a memory* hold, would be due to a combo of freqs that were naturally stored, like a hug).
The rocks freq. changes once altered: chipped, cracked, etc. A fractured or even just a polished stone holds a different freq.
*I know a bunch of people, want to discount that rocks have memories, or that they're incapable of astral discussion like a plant,
1 reason:, when new crystal surfaces form, the cracks are given an interesting facet collection, like healing the fracture, aided by symbiotic humidity.
"I call to you, clouds of rain."
Rock discussions in one's head space: never underestimate their power of thought, thousands to millions of yrs old; "I met a very wise rock, today.", which is kind of Zen.
The future does hold; more pilgramages to great rocks and boulders.


Eventually, the sensitive freq readers (scanners) will read one's current cosmic freq total.
Subject or Object a liaison of pure transfer, if given the allow, and not blocked, mentally or physically (elemental shield).

Science & Conclusion:

Incorporating Science into Cosmic counting doesn't have to take away the "God Factor" or "Shiva";
merely that "Astral Id" is a means to understand how a person can be so supercharged, enough that nature responds, with Nirvana..
Tapping into higher consciousness, wakens one into Nirvana, bringing a wealth of powers.