Royaume de France: The Los Robles Sanctuary

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Queen of France

The Los Robles Sanctuary

The Robles Sanctuary
Patio Entrance

House Sharing
for Non-Gmo Vegan Yogis:

House Sharing for Yogis:
Sponsored by 1 Honorary Benefactor Yogi retiree,
walking and able-minded preferred.
and at least 3 others: yogi-swami-guru-magi-shaman artistic (or dancer) persons (including myself); would care-give for our main Yogi* and also be artisans.
All of the persons are allowed the freedom to be housed within a Sanctuary environment; and invest into the "Vows of Poverty", while also earning a small group-oriented income. The bulk of the bills are paid by our honorary benefactor; $1500 min. per month.
Eventually, becoming creating non-profits around the world,
similar to the Monks of New Skete.
In my case: Looking for 3 people for my 3.75 bedroom house
with 2 bath/showers.
each person has a private bedroom
Minimum required:
1 honorary benefactor &
2 non-honorary's
plus me.
There is the alternative of 2 honorary benefactor retirees, of 750 minimum per month, (with 1 other yogi type, and yogini me), however they would both need to be in pretty good condition, with far less caregiving required.
I even made an open-ceiling cubicle-bedroom-frame,
for the 4th bedroom, in the library next to the kitchen.
*Yogi's, Gurus, Zens, Hindus, Tibetans, Buddhists, Bahai, Confucious
types are car-food-house-share as a mini-commune style
of trustworthy people, where friendships are gained.
(less talkative preferred, or quiet hours may have to be ruled into our household).
Limits: No drinkers, cigarette smokers, nor loud music wanters.
Pets welcome: aside from pit bulls and other possibly-aggressive types.
Things to accomplish, continue our animal rights & environmental efforts: by online voting, advertising, and blogging, while possibly becoming a non-profit.
Our group-earning potential could be approx. $380 each per month, to pay any excess bills. The first starter month is $380 per person, paid via paypal.
(except for our honorary benefactor; min. $1500.00 each month),
after which time, the other 3 (including myself);
create a small amount of income as a group.
Our honorary benefactor doesn't have to work,
only befriend the other 3.
In the event I cannot find the necessary amount of people,
we will have to continue with other odd jobs until the house is complete.
Meaning: if only 2 people are house-sharing with me,
and the 4th person is not yet found,
we may have to still work separately to make $380 each.
& Yes, the honorary Yogi benefactor, can be one of your parents.
Money-earning ideas for small commune group house-shares:
Gardening herbs, painting income, poetry books,
Playing and recording meditational music,
Dancing and playing at weddings,
Offering directional advice,
Gourmet fruit gift boxes,
Raising koi fish for resale,
Making incense or candles,
Running a patio mate-smoothie bar,
or an outdoor barista cafe (iced coffee or green teas, on selected days),
In-house doggie day care and/or dog washing (on selected days),
Selling books or other donated items online.
Please start these Sanctuaries in your city also.
Message me via facebook, if you're interested.
Non-discriminatory household: asians, gays, africans, etc. are welcome. however, still seeking stricter eastern philosophy types, where meditative thought and enlightenment are our goals.
Please contact me via facebook messaging: