Royaume de France: Paypal Donations & My profits-to-usage policy:

Monday, January 6, 2014

Queen of France

Paypal Donations & My profits-to-usage policy:

My profits-to-usage policy: 

If profits on any items or ideas found and utilized from my: 

Artwork; paintings, photography images, Energy ideas: My Vlogs or Blogs:  Genealogy Chart: Shopping Comparator: Retirement Stipend Calculator: etc.
paypal email is pending

(sorry, but the normal paypal donate button is faulty within the html source
and this blogware.

So in order to pay,

1.) login to your paypal account,
2.) and send the amount to my username:
3.) then the transaction is approved,
after being ordered directly through their website.

The above paypal username(&email)
is setup to receive, paypal money sends (transfers),
either for donations or those who are making profits from my derived works*.

payment details*:

...and commercialisation is over 
1000 euros/or equivalent in the amount of currency valuation in profits: 

It initiates payment proceeds to zayvra financially of  a " 1 " value out of 100, 
from the profit % points. 
(On any further profits or royalties earned by that particular business or company.) 

in example:
When 10% is the profit, 
then 1 of that % amount goes to zayvra (Terissa) 
making the true profit actually 9%. 

The retirement stipend calculator on the '2 bank account' page 
shows more exacting summations, involving maintainers. 

My online addresses:

regular photos & some artwork (mainly a copy from photobucket):

resume with a few .pdf's: linkedin/in/terissa