Royaume de France: Business Rapists

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Queen of France

Business Rapists

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Residential ID

After many days of my blogging and this mornings vlog; against the machine called amazon, they have retracted the sellers addresses and names from public view on their website. What is sad is just that, why would I have had to go to these efforts in order to make them act as a fair business.
Time will tell if they can adhere to keeping our privacy. Perhaps this lesson learned is a big one for their leadership.
--- However, external pushes are there for Amazon, from companies and persons with big pockets, who prefer for us to have no privacy at all. Then there are the competition disturbers, from businesses that prefer the mix of sellers to be Only large companies. So, we have to be vigilant and keep these fortune monsters such as Amazon, under our watch.
Our Privacy as sellers is so very important to fair business practices. Else, a person living in sub-standard housing already, may start losing sales from the segregation of "Looks like a bad neighborhood from that seller" So the person who was trying to succeed, would automatically fail. Aside from many other reasons as well.

Original Blog: Before they Retracted our Residential Addresses from Public View.

Since this Internet has begun, we have had the priviledge of our privacy
Along with our rights to not have our Name and Home Address listed online for the world to see.
There are reasons for that privacy, reasons that protect each one of us from possible harm.
AMAZON has gone too far, they have obstructed our justice as individuals and levied our personal safety away.
We must immediately create a law against this abomination of personal infringement. So this can never happen again.
This is NOT yet an official police state, we are supposedly still entitled to our inalienable rights of dignity and privacy.
What WORLD ORDER has deemed this necessary for their construed needs?
The sellers are trapped ready to be victimized, with all their items already listed for the world to purchase. Now, those items can easily be offered to any robber gang that wants to rob our houses.
I presume this "WARLORD" named also pushes gun ownership, and police control along with the paranoia given to sellers.
The title: "Warlords from Hell" still stands, however, it's too flimsy now isn't it, it's ust too comic book style and almost classed as fun.
They're just pure Evil, bringing unrest into our hearts and minds.
A group of persons who prefer not to enter into Utopia but rather, a group of persons who prefer to create wars, and bring innocent persons to their deaths, by robberies and perpetuating fear.