Royaume de France: As the Warlord's Kill Continues

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Queen of France

As the Warlord's Kill Continues

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Online Death

Along goes the prophecy that "Inherent in man, evil lives, & without evil we would prosper as intellectuals and be decent persons;
persons who could step up to the plate and renew their world rather than kindle it into the dust.

With Each Day

In this 2020, another online day passes, passes just like it has for over 30 years. For 30 years the business of take has already been won. A certain few have risen above the others to manifest their livelyhoods above all others.
The others have sunken into the name called the "Hectic Middle Class" and the "Impoverished Technical Class".

The Warlords of Industry

The game of control, by the warlords of our online industry, continues just as had in 3000 BC in ancient China.
I hesitate to call them an Online Industry, when in reality they are Industry.
For what is purchased on a grand scale is sought after through them. They foster and provide the offerings called "Products" to each and every human who so desires the purchase.

The Entrepeneur

Where the Warlords of Amazon and Ebay have allowed the pawn-off of our items without any compensation leftover for a rebuy of inventory. The entrepenuer has been nothing but a garage sale with nothing left in the end, but his or her knowing of fail.
The Warlords of owned databases containing our possessions did not have a consiousness other than "SELL". Even better if "SELL" is constructed through the Storage Keeping Warehouses offered by the Warlords themselves. Thusly, more money for their Infernal Evil to continue. Yes. Infernal Evil, because they have left the populations destitute and denuded of possibilities in order to continue. The only continuance left for each Hectic Middle Class is to keep on downgrading their lifestyle and possessions into the dust. Until that Hectic Middle Class becomes..."The Impoverished Technical Class".

3000 BC

When Warlords relegated their Evil with Inducers and whips to control the men and women into submission and doing, today is no different.
The whip we feel is the constant typing, instead of spackling a fortress wall, the constant have to ship out on-time, instead of building their former pyramids on-time.
Each waking breath, the online seller knows the work as an underling, is pending. The work as a kept fancy of possession of theirs, called, "another online seller".
The Sellers cannot call themselves Entrepenuers any longer, as they are merely another with possessions for the Warlords to parade with in their gain of stature. Their collection of offerings available through their domain, their country of a website, their region of world dominance.
As the Warlords call themselves couth and cultured, while lifting their pinkies during their exquisite dinners and feasts, travelled too by their limousines and helicopters, the Warlords trinket with us in jest.
The peons called warehouse workers who couldn't afford or study hard enough to be educated, are all "theirs" as workers now, aren't they? As are all the failed online sellers of misfortune, as they take the sad walk into a "Storage Warehouse of Online Products", downgraded into being a lowly warehouse worker.
People have become the commodity of these Warlords, with their containment of fortune Known. "How many workers, did you say?"
A conversation that singes the ears of the so-called wannabee "Self-Sufficient Humans". The humans who desired to be free from the construct of Warlording Monopolies controlling their lives.

Free Online Advertising? Not Really

In closing today, on this "another business day gone awry"; in my last attempt to advertise.
I have reduced all of my 10 published books into a .01 penny profit; on those for sale outside of the USA.
Within the USA, the base line have-to amount, forced by online publishers of both Kindle and Amazon's Paper Publishing is at least 1-2 dollars in royalties.
Meaning, as there is no further reduction possible for the USA offered books, my advertising and "Get My Name Out", moment within the USA, is slim to none.
Only worldwide; in Europe, Mexico, Canada and Japan can they be offered at a bare minimum of only .01 penny in royalty.
Due to "NO SALES": My New Base-line Pricelist for The USA:
(Coloring Books: Apparently my non-controversial coloring books have been held from reductions; by someones's overly high nose on my account.)