Royaume de France: Warlords from Hell

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Queen of France

Warlords from Hell

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

As the Saga Continues


This issue has been resolved, only because I found the error, that caused it. A malicious cookie, created by amazon itself was only allowing FBA pages to be shown. However, this blog is still an interesting rant of a read.


Unbelieveable, the audacity of this MEGA GIANT WARLORD and all of its minion workers.
The bastards, have removed my normal "View Orders" page, the page that has all the history for my orders, for the past 5 years.
Now, the page is empty, saying ..."Fulfilled by Amazon". Like some type of controlling cheerleader.
When does this stop!!, They have so many people working there, and yet they choose to hassle the sellers without FBA services "to death".
"FBA" for those of you who are newbies; FBA Accounts are Fulfillment centers. Where people send items to them, which sit on the fulfillment centers shelves instead of your own in-home shoppe.
AT the center, MANY charges occur extra to anyone who uses the service. Charges for Storage, for Storage, and for more Storage!
It's Not possible for most people to sell all of their items within 6 months .... like an El Cheapo Cargo Container full of crappy Plastic TOYS from Shanghai, China.
They have people that have already tried to blow up their headquarters, so Why in the Hell are they picking on me? They're An ABUSIVE Company.
Knowing full well I cannot ever in my lifetime move away, to any other online selling service as I am already sensing that I've gone partially blind.
Just Bastards and Assholes, Killing decent people one day at a time, with their crappy hateful business practices against the Individual Seller who doesn't use their expensive storage routine.