Royaume de France: Payment Settlement and Lawsuit List:

Friday, December 27, 2013

Queen of France

Payment Settlement and Lawsuit List:

Payment Settlement and Lawsuit List:


Payment Settlement and Lawsuit List:  tally of 9, the 7th, is the best one.

Table of contents: 

Father Living Will, then:

#1. 12/23/13  blog title: Artist Reconciliatory Payment

#2. Phone-an-ex-wife in excess, payment settlement,

#3. Parenting Techniques Settlement: from my father.

#4. Parenting Techniques Settlement: from my husbands parents.
#5 see #8.
#6. Zurich Warcrimes Tribunal Settlement:
#7. Lindt swirlic delights: 
#8. Financial Settlement with husband,
#9. The Montecello Car Accident: October, 1993

      and then there's a Payments-to-and-how section:


***My fathers living will;

I am enacting a power of decisional rights over my fathers
banking, & allocating ownership of those accounts,
to be run and executed by myself, as I am the sole living witness of his regular day-to-day life experiences, as well as his helpful financial manager.

During his living timeframe, 
in preference, a legacy property, is to be purchased,
where he can also live, as well as the other inheritors, including myself.

As acting manager of his finances, there are 2 associated monies, 
as furtherly expained;

1) Stipend Account:
As we cannot judge the date of one's death, I am in a situation as financial manager where I cannot even pay myself appropriately for my services as a household helper and care-giver. 
Upon his death, payment for my service to my father,
will justly be paid in-full at that time from this particular retirement stipend.
So, it is not available for spending by any of my siblings, nor their spouses or their partners, etc. 

In conclusion, upon his death, I demand with full compliance of acceptance, 
by all siblings my requistional due payment to be received as my own, 
being the full balance of his remainder retirement stipend account.
2) Legacy Property Account:
I prefer the monies from this account,
to go into a legacy property where all of my siblings and I,
if necessary, are welcome to live throughout our lifetimes.

Signatory and voting powers of the mentioned account
is to be shared between my 3 brothers and I, equally
at 25 percent voting shares to each.

If any Durable or other forms of Power of Attorney's are 
held over-upon, on any of my brothers or I, 
the 25% allocated amount does not therefore, 
resort to any of their spouses, charities or partnerships, 
but rather goes back to the other siblings,
who are of sound mind and body & without a power of attorney 
"held" by these associated spouses or partners. 

In that case, the 25% that was to be normally allocated,
is held by the other siblings and released upon their wise and judicial appropriation, voted upon by all remaining siblings.

If a sibling renegs his voting powers,
then he thereby refuses any income gains or property gains,
from my fathers last will and testament.
Thusly, his settlement & inheritance partition will go to the other siblings fairly.

When or if there is a reduction of sibling persons, the amounts allocated is also then allocated equally and justly, meaning instead of (4) 25% to (3) 33% to (2) 50%, etc.

Conclusion Settlement amount:
Any monies, accounts, funds and/or papers of financial due diligence,
insurance gains, and other financial assortments pertaining to ownership, including property rights, held in my fathers name, upon his death,
are to be renewed with the primary ownership names
of his adult children forthwit as above stated.
Including also, papers of power of attorney, old and written priorly to be as a default condition, renewed to these new and above mentioned understandings.
Meaning any held power of attorney's that are on or about my father,
are to be updated to include only my brothers and I as custodians of his attorneyship paperwork.

Thusly, thereafter the settled compensations, #2 & #3
any further stipends of allowances, will be tolerated and given upon receipt in proper and due fashion to my father, in respect to his rights of person and income allows throughout the remainder of his life.


12/23/13  blog title: Artist Reconciliatory Payment

Vision Settlement:

eyesight damages!
It is so much money,  
that yes I am seriously vision injured,
future sent into cries despair from the gain of opportunities lost.

"I give, out here,
designs, movie ideas, video games, commercials,
I am a player on the active list of participants
that create the entertainment of people on this planet.
Now this? why? why ruin a good into lesser?"



Phone-an-ex-wife in excess, payment settlement,
...after a lawful divorce:
Phone call ownership relationships.
blog title: excerpted in Decembers blog, titled: Getting booky

Proceeds paid to the sons and daughter, (me),
after 24 years of heavy relationship phone-calls
to my mother which followed their divorce:
Payments are to be from the fathers
above mentioned heirage account,
and paid upon his death, through inheritance.
In the sum of 480 thousand.
split 25% each, even between the 4 (adult) children.
(see above).



Parenting Techniques: from my father.

It was beginning with Novembers title:
Prosecution request: However, the titles wording was too serious for most people to understand,
so, I removed the page, my poetry wit has been an exodus enough.

and the following (mostly) relayed via poetry blogs dated
within the months of Dec. and Jan.:

The Rule Pushers
Truths into continuance
Getting booky
Ticket to ride?
want another painting?
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metal flowers
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the claw
titty mousers
monoxides fawn
ramps and steeps
acting out
now, learning its new
tennis idol
gift idea.
fear raise
no tv

Divisive Relates

Settlement amount:
see above, under fathers living will.



Parenting Techniques: from my husbands parents.
blogs dated
12/26/13 title: under age minor
12/17/13 title: The hatchet of grief
12/12/13 title: grenade in the room
12/04/13 title: Diabeties gifting

Settlement amount:
Any monies, accounts, funds and/or papers of financial due diligence,
insurance gains, and other financial assortments pertaining to ownership, including property rights, formerly held in my husbands parents name,
to be renewed with the primary ownership names
of my husband forthwit.
Including also, any papers of power of attorney, old and written priorly to be as a default condition, to be renewed to the understandings of my husband and/or I to be the proprietor thereof.

Thereby the power of attorney is held by my husband, myself
and then upon our deaths, to the third beneficiary holder, my youngest brother.  

Thusly, thereafter the above mentioned is settled, further stipends of allowances will be tolerated and given upon receipt in proper and due fashion to his parents, to respect their rights of person and income allows throughout the remainder of their lives.
Meaning a correct and fair stipend for tolerable and just living standards,
for my husbands parents, is to be allocated by my husband and/or I,
throughout their lifetime.


#5 see #8.



Zurich Warcrimes Tribunal Settlement:

Summer of 1992, I was tear-gassed by the Swiss Army,

My former boyfriend and I were sitting at a table,
of the Opera house balcony, (a small balcony next to the office entrance, (the ring road was just 50 ft away) since then, in photos, it appears to be a larger area, as a veranda, and with more stairs.); pretty much waiting for the new season to begin, as I was contracted with Operahouse as a ballet dancer.
(proof of my dancing skills 17 years thereafter, without dancing anywhere professionally or otherwise are listed on several vlogs on my youtube site:
here is a work-out video.

...Back to the day: 
A large rectangular group of soldiers
appeared below with riot gear and straw shields.
Appearing to be 30-50 men across, 12-15-18-20 rows deep,
past the winter-time snowman location,
sechelautern, to the Opera house trees,
spread out to the Bellevue tram street in depth.
On sight, I believe it was 400 men.
The riot gear suits are large with the shields, so,
it could have over-registered in my mind, by 100 or so.
Several Cannisters were rocketed at us specifically, on the balcony.
The balcony was at the time 20-25 feet higher than the war group.
After several were rocketed out,
I lost count and fainted to the ground of the balcony,
and remember seeing boots of a soldier near my face,
and other soldiers walking around slowly on the terrace,
the soldiers were in heavy masks.
while I was laying down.
I shut my eyes, to feign a sleep state, and past out again.
After a time unknown to my person,
we rose, and attempted to run,
yet we were only in slow motion to get away,
falling many times to the ground,
and I felt leg-less going down the stairwell,
as if walking occurred from my upper body only.

Not until reaching 2-3 kilometers away at a pizza restaurant corner in an inner fussganger zone, was I able to see and wake, to the events occurance from even happening. The clouds of teargas were billowing from the area we had walk-dragged ourselves independantly out from.

The action of that day seemed to be an army exercise,
that the antagonists, were acting as if some of them were in on it as an army exercise, and a few others were before the event rallied into it,
as youths of change...
to stop the pollution from the many cars in zurich.

Reasons that also swooped my mind as a possible direct hit at me are:
1. I didn't dance juliet, as was assigned to, and the possible innerplay of persons coordinated with the army used me as personal instance of, a revenge play. I am not calling the zuri oper haus ballet director culpable,
yet persons endearing to the situation may have thought it humorous,
and a worthy use of their associations of exercised power with the army.
2. I cannot commit fully either that my former boyfriend was not included with the army exercise, as he invited me to that balcony terrace location at that precise rioted time.

3. I was blacklisted in germany, in wiesbaden, years, prior,
so that may have been an additional reason to exercise in my direction,
"you'll never work again, in germany."
as was stated to me in an intendants office, by a former ballet director,
upon my leaving the opera house prior to my contractual time-frame.

 4. My publicity photos with a major arts and culture magazine,
were given the Opera lens also, meaning a fish-eye lens,
an obstinace that ebbs readers' minds into, "what a freak".

my answer to the above is...
"Power plays an indulgence, overdone in egos midst."

After that time, my self esteem as an artist of the ballet, was decidedly lesser, than before, and it thereby ruined my ballet career.
Causing performance anxiety extra,
that I had never before accumulated to that state of intimidation.

Other symptoms have been years of day-mares,
where my feet in point shoes,
melt over from the tops of my arches touching to the floor,
in echappe, and in arabesque.
Positions of an over-arch so severe,
that there would be no way to recover
from the particular step or combinations thereof.
The thoughts of damages to my arches,
have reduced considerably since then,
to only a memory of a bad group of dreams,
rather than the possible action happening live, if I danced.
...Since the time of this writing, other though more vague,
body crumble bad-dream thoughts, have occurred.



Lindt swirlic delights:
Artist royalty payments,
for work pertaining to the new chocolate advertisement.

blog of the: chocolate art


#8. and #5.

The info and title is with June 2013 blogs.
Financial Settlement with husband;
not a divorce or separation settlement, rather a past payment due,
for the past 19 years in knowing overdone and bad-times.
I never got motorcycles or cars for a birthday present,
nothing, only a few cheap lingeries.
(Don't be a miser with your wife)
This is just a mention to only the past, payments for poverties suffrages due
and the payment is into learning; of better treatments of each-other's
sincerities, in the present and into the future.
Marriage is a tough cookie, where financials attempt to rule as an overdone ego.

Sunday, October 13
title: Store Fattened,
detailing, that I am foraging for food,
eating fallen apples from the neighbors garden
to survive, and have been abandoned here for 3-4 yrs,
with limited food supplies from my husband,
and have been given no access to our bank accounts,
The car was destroyed by strangers, 3-4 years ago.
to resolve the situation.

newest update:
Jan. 7, 2014,
attn: random to abandoned acting husbands out there, 
Throwing a car as transportation in all of a sudden,
does not fix the wifes bank access problem.

Online access with her usage to her mutual bank accounts
with him has to be fixed, before offline bank access.

**mutual meaning: joint, shared or
....the account is held in a community property state,
or country, and the account is owned by either...
the husband or wife, as a primary account holder.

*if the account is shared with other persons,
the portion of the account that the husband or wife owns
is shared with their respective spouse.

I officially also am a respective resident of florida, aside from france,
yet as a lifetime resident. and florida is a community property state.  

Thanks today to my husband though for the effort,
of the car location(rental) offer.


financial settlement

blogs and other issues: 
financial settlement

Sole proprietors wives 

as well as this content.
I have added in an ugly... at the bottom of my
profits-to-usage page:



The Montecello Car Crash: October, 1993
almost-fatal car crash.

4 persons in the car...
I was in the passenger seat with Taz-y-bear (our puppy at the time),
held between my feet,
(I remember he urinated on impact, and was extra forlorn, by doing so).
My new husband, was driving,
and his parents were in the rear seats.

It happened in the last week of October, after our 2nd wedding,
we were driving southbound from Montecello Utah, in a rented car,
a lincoln style cadillac or el dorado.
The car was the luxury rental,
from either thrifty, hertz, enterprise, budget, or avis,
(I don't think it was the ugly duckling rental),
from a SLC or Murray midtown location.

and the car was white in color,
at or very close to zero on the odometer, which surprised us,
when we first drove it away from the agency.

my accident report:
A tractor was parked and indicated on the righthand side of the road,
with his right indicator only,
and then abruptly pulled out to the left, into a small off-road area,
pulling a heavy metal trailer... which we hit, in a direct collision,
approx. 40 miles an hour to the pulled trailer.
The time of driving speed before the braking and sighting of the tractor trailer drivers error, was around 55 miles per hour.

The new luxury car was completed destroyed up to
and through the front window, in a crunch look.

After the accident report was sited with the local police, of Monticello (or spelled Montecello) a tow truck driver helped us with a ride back to Salt Lake City.

The state of shock, was extremely severe, and upon looking at the crashed vehicle, presumptively the persons inside, had also perished.

I believe as the front passengers we seemed to survive,
due to our sport-active bodies,
able to react quickly by holding our bodies intact,
when bracing for the collision.
1. State of shock:
At the time we did not think further to a lawsuit at the tractor driver, as we lived in a state of shock for way too long after the event, to coincide with life itself as even being. I believe we entered the state of assumed death, as angels or ghosts walking throughout the rest of our lives, while others lived as normal.

There was no time to divert or brake any faster,
as past the sides of the road to the right especially was a lower land area,
10 feet or more where we would have rolled and perished in the car.  

2. Neck whiplash:
Lasting up til this time of writing, on certain days,
it is aggressive action to move my head, right to left.
My last visit to an acupuncturist in SF, can verify,
my distress, of it, in his office, around 2008.


Send payments of the above mentioned settlement finalities,
to either of my older brothers* in the US., 
(if it is still called that anymore), to re-allocate to me, somehow.
I assume they have lawyers happy to comply with these deeds of association.
The reason for the quests of theses payments can also go to the inheritance of my nieces and nephews, so if your unhappy with me,
please do not look away from the income available,
as it will also be for them to also receive.

*Aside from the above readings, the US Army settlement
is past due regarding your uncle and surviving relatives. 

I guess my swiss bank account seems
to have not been re-opened nor newly accounted,
as my husband stated was his travel reason last year,
he went there purposefully for my new account.

So, I guess europe is failing monetarily-wise abysmally,
what is this, "off to pay-pal we go? for cheap into eternity",
or even better a blandation of corruption
to humiliate me into the saga of stereo-typed "woman" as thus.".
Thus being a totally impoverished woman,
purposed into, by man relics, and women unkind.

financial realities...
I don't  have access any longer to our old passwords
or bank associations with pay-pal,
so that is a pipe-dream also.

I guess it is a possible ability though,
to...use pay-pal or world-pay, as money device helpers,
if my significant other or other
(other being a non-parent or a non in-law-parent
as that would be a criminal mileling to their above cases mentioned.)
can send me access info.


I guess Help cards gift-outs for Americans needs to be set up,
though the US embassy, as it appears too easy to requisition, 
these persons as war items of french and english daliences.

"I might as well be a flower, untended and un-nourished,
plighted into a list of reasons to throw away."